Sea Water Desalination has been around for centuries and started off even before the two world wars. The idea was to use seawater to produce fresh drinking water. For centuries, however, freshwater sources all around the world were being used excessively for household purposes in countries all around the world. It was not until recently that in the past decade or two, use of seawater is being considered to fulfill our freshwater needs. Even though the concept of desalination on a larger scale hasn’t struck a chord with many countries, here is how the presence of Seawater desalination looks like.
There are around 12,500 or even more desalination plants around the world that provide millions of gallons of water every day.
More and more desalination facilities are in the process of installation for meeting the demands of fresh water.
The Military, Navy, Marines, Army and Airforce, everyone uses RO desalination units for production of fresh water during their missions.
Almost every industry in the world uses reverse osmosis and desalination for helping them with certain profiles of water used for manufacturing of products.
Households have seen an increase in acquiring an RO filter for the house. This can also be because of the contaminated ground water which can result in serious health issues.
Desalination is looked at now for relieving the plight of millions of people suffering due to drought in Arid regions. Israel, California, parts of Australia Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar are a few countries who have achieved efficiency in providing water for their populations with just desalination.
Because of its cost and energy requirements, this process was largely ignored for centuries. However, desalination has seen tremendous changes and improvement in its technology which has resulted in the world accepting it as a solution to solve water crisis everywhere.
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Sammy Farag, a Water Expert with more than 30 years, He knows very well the problem of water and the problem of people who are facing the problems due to water, either it is waste water, sea water, impure water.