Sean Ortiz once took a company from $900,000 in revenue to over $6 million in sales.

“The gross profit was about 35 percent,” says Ortiz.

But it wasn’t always this way for Jurupa Valley’s Sean Ortiz.

Before Ortiz found success in building businesses, he overcame personal struggle and hardship.

“I focused on self-development and improving myself,” says Ortiz.

He wants to encourage people no matter their circumstance to work hard and continue improving themselves.

“Self development is so important,” says Ortiz.

“I love helping people improve their lives and I’ve studied development and leadership for over a decade” says Ortiz.

Ortiz holds a Bachelor of Business Management and a Master’s in Leadership Management.

But aside from the credentials, it took Ortiz years of hard work and personal growth to recognize the patterns that would allow him to grow businesses both large and small.

Here are his tips for improving yourself so you can improve your business and your effectiveness in the workplace.

“Make learning a priority,” says Ortiz.

Before you focus on producing the results, make sure you have the education and the willpower to develop yourself.

That’s not to say you cannot do both at the same time, but Ortiz strongly recommends you work on yourself and your skills daily.

“Find out your strengths and your weaknesses and focus on making yourself better,” says Ortiz.

He says it’s important to be honest with yourself and seek the help of a mentor.

That’s the role Oritz serves at companies: he helps people develop and grow and he oversees business processes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Once you’ve made learning a priority, the next step is to work diligently and tirelessly.

“You need to go above and beyond,” says Ortiz.

Ortiz recommends being the first person into work and the last person to leave, but allowing passion and determination to drive those actions.

“You need to have a mission, a strong purpose,” says Ortiz.

Aside from working hard, another important tip Ortiz emphasizes on is communication.

He says communication is one of the most important things any leader can learn, because the growth of your business is interdependent.

You need to be able to work with others if you want your business to succeed.

Currently, Ortiz is building his own site and equipping it with a blog and other resources to help people from different walks of life learn leadership skills.

He wants to help people achieve success in the workplace and become more effective in their daily lives.

Ortiz brings strong management skills and organization to the table with an emphasis on leadership management.

Since his skillset is laser-focused and unique, he knows he’ll bring a lot of value to people who are trying to better themselves.

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