There is no doubt in the fact that SEO is a much hyped word in the industry.

Just about everyone in the industry is waging debates in the market when it comes to good SEO practices.

However, there are certain SEO practices which you should stop following if you want to get better rankings and traffic as well.

So, what are they?

XML Sitemap Helps In Boosting SEO Rankings

Generally, people believe in the fact that XML sitemaps play quite an important role when it comes to ranking the content better.

But that is just a myth.

It doesn’t really impact your SEO rankings. However, what it does is the fact that it would be helping you in making your content “findable” for the search engine bots.

Meta Tags Don’t Really Matter

It needs to be seen that Meta Tags play a vital role when it comes to improving search engine rankings. However, it is certainly not the case at all.

However, it also needs to be seen that what Meta Tags essentially do is to make your content more “findable” for the search queries. The concept is similar to XML sitemaps. They only help you to find the right content for the related query.

Linking to Anchor Text Helps in SEO Rankings

Normally what the people believe is that linking to anchor text can be really helpful for your search engine rankings. However, it is really not the case. It has been seen that excessive use of the anchor link can result in a complete opposite impact which won’t be positive.

Google Finds Unique Content to Index It

Yes, it is quite true. Google does find new content and feeds on it. However, it is also important to see that it may take up to 2 days to find new content and index it. And in this, crawl optimization is what can solve the matter for you. If you are also confused regarding such myths then it is better to look for better services regarding web design in Denver, Colorado.

Hiring an SEO agency

It is important to see that some people believe that hiring an SEO agency will be solving all of their problems. But it is not the case at all. In this day and age, when the competition is quite tough, no SEO agency can guarantee you to get you on the first page of Google.

And a strong reason for that is the number of searches which are done on Google – they number up to 100 billion searches per month. And in search fierce competition, it becomes almost impossible to get higher rankings in a limited amount of time.

No Scope for Guest Blogging

The myth that guest blogging is doesn’t have any scope for the future is completely wrong. It is not at all the case. Rather guest blogging is an important SEO ranking factor and can significantly help you in getting high domain authority.

Guest Blogging is useful until and unless you:

  • Don’t spam

  • Don’t call them guest posts

Keyword Research Can Be Avoided

The myth that keyword research can be avoided is simply not legit. Doing keyword research can be really helpful. It will be helping you target the right keyword and also to rank on it. However, what you should avoid is not to use them excessively.

Paid Search Engine Campaigns Will Improve Your Organic Results

If you believe it to be so, then stop. It is not the case at all. There is certainly no correlation with the paid rankings as compared to the organic rankings.

Rather, the rank of the paid search engine rankings depends on other factors altogether such as the bidding amount along with the total budget of yours for running the campaign. The higher the quality score the higher the rankings on Google search engine.

Conclusion: Generally, it has been seen that search engine rankings depend on a number of factors such as the use of meta tags, keyword prominence etc. However, it also needs to be seen that there are certain SEO myths which need to be avoided in the first place.

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