Marriage these days has become a Profit and Loss statement. It is no longer a bond of love and compassion rather it has transformed into a transaction of status, financial standing, profession, qualification, etc. However, such relationships that are formed keeping in mind some profit or gain are destined to deteriorate with the passage of time and they lose their true meaning. Marriage is about understanding, affection, mutual respect, etc. It should not be adulterated by bringing in petty issues like money, degrees, status, etc. People who tie the knot speculating about the profit that they will get out of that relationship often end up disappointed and dissatisfied. On the other hand, the ones who get into the bond of a lifetime with an aim to adjust with their partner and share happiness and blissful moments are the ones that play the long innings.

Hence, it is really important to look for like-mindedness and compatibility with your better half and the rest things will fall into place gradually. While searching for soul-mate look at the overall persona, temperament and behaviour of a person and do not just focus on the bank balance, profession and degrees of that individual. Take a decision wisely as Marriage is not Mathematics where you set a formula and the rest of your married life will be sorted! Marriage is all about being flexible with your partner and giving them their time and space to grow in the relationship.

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Newspaper adverts have worked wonders in the past and many families have come together and many couples have tied the knot with the help of such notices. These posts help in better communication of people with each other as they correspond via this channel. Since, these posts usually give the details of the match-seeker as well as the partner preference hence individuals can look up to the matches as per their preference set. Also, the contact details available in such posts make it easier for them to connect with each other and take things further in this regard.

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