I, like millions of other people, tuned in when Oprah was interviewed by Barbara Walters. I enjoyed listening to her talk about her career and the various stories she has done on her show. But when she started talking about her friendship with Gayle King, and how special of a relationship they have, it struck a cord with me! You see…. 22yrs ago I found my Gayle.I think all women are looking for their Gayle. Over the years , the television networks have prospered heavily from airing shows with Oprah and Gayle type relationships. Lucy and Ethel. Laverne and Shirley. Thelma and Louise. I knew these characters were fictional, but I didn’t miss a single episode and I found myself living my life vicariously through these women. Laughing and crying with them and longing for an undying, everlasting, once in a lifetime friendship. 22 years ago I met Kathryn. It was kind of a slow go at first. We didn’t have a lot in common at the time. She had a baby and I wasn’t sure at the time if I even wanted kids. However, I think it was from watching the joy that she got from being a mother and seeing the type of relationship that Kathryn had with her children, is what convinced me to become a mother myself and has changed my life forever!I think Oprah was able to give words to a rare type of friendship that is so much more than just that. The kind of relationship that is filled with laughter, yet clearly we share an enormous mutual respect and the fierce loyalty is ever present. Kathryn and I have been through a lot together like: divorce, separation, loss, diets, success, pregnancy, hairdos and much more. We are the Godmother to each other’s children and I love Weston and Katie like my own. Yes, Kathryn is my best friend or as My daughter “Kathryn” would say, my Bestie.

I know the day will come soon enough when one of us will be gone and the other left on our own, but until then we will enjoy our lives in laugher and friendship. I hope everyone has found their Gayle. If not keep searching, it’s soooo worth it!

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I’m me ……all the time. What you see is what you get. I like to write about everyday experiences in women’s lives with a slant of humor.
Humor in the face of adversity is what helps me get through the difficult times. So I hope you enjoy my experiences and feel free to laugh and cry along with me! Also, I’m always open to new ideas so feel free to send them to me. Thanks for letting me share!! You can read more at www.WomansInSite.com