In this world of 21st century as we are moving constantly towards development, surely there is an increase in the comforts and facilities of people.Better health facilities have resulted in overpopulation problem and with increasing population comes competition in finding sources to promote living.Its on part of individuals how well they compete with their counterparts in securing a good living for themselves.It is required that an individual must be keen learner and ready to learn from anywhere he could.It is not necessary that learning can take place only in a classroom.For true learners this world is a classroom.If that hadn’t been the case would Sir Isaac Newton be able to discover the laws of gravity by sitting in a garden? One can learn a thousand things from nature for example, the sun has a fixed time and a particular direction to rise daily.We can learn to be much more disciplined by noticing and following the nature.Similarly one must not shun from learning from his own mistakes and the mistakes of his counterparts.Mistakes give an opportunity to improve ourselves and outperform ourselves.Australia being a very strong economy attracts millions of people from all over the world for jobs.Most of the people are negligent towards their duties in finding a job for themselves and seldom do they realize the increasing competition calls for a lot of effort on their parts.I agree that there a number of jobs in Australia but those jobs need people who have good skills in their field of service.Most people neglect this and go on in finding jobs in Australia without caring if they have any kind of skills with them or not.This is not a good practice;this is just like going to a war without any kind of weapon.Now you only think for yourselves is this sensible?An individual should do his homework to explore all the possibilities of jobs in Australia.There are various kinds of jobs in Australia but we must explore and find out which jobs are in demand and have some scope keeping the future in mind.If we talk about present the IT jobs,accountancy jobs,Hospitality jobs and the jobs in mining sector are among the hottest jobs in Australia which offer you security and good payment and also have a considerable scope for future.If an individual is interested in any of these jobs but has done his graduation in some other field he can still go for these jobs.There are many colleges in Australia that provide courses in these fields and once you have done any of those you are certain to get a job.It is also necessary that an individual also gains some kind of experience and develop some skills in his field of profession before stepping into the job world.As this would not only give you an edge over your counterparts but also prepare you mentally for the world of jobs in Australia.

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