With the ever increasing competitive market for graduate jobs opportunities then your chance of landing your ideal graduate job with ease is diminishing quickly. More and more people are getting made redundant and much more are passing through university with little vacant graduate jobs available to them. Armed with this information and knowledge we can help you stand out from the crowd and help you get applying for the graduate jobs you deserve.

Firstly, it is important that your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is written in a way that provides enough correct and related information to warrant an interview with a potential employer. After all this potential future company doesn’t know you at all so you have to make a long lasting impression that wants them to want you. The CV you provide needs to be very informative and deliver a stable medium between your academic achievements and your past work history. You need to demonstrate predominantly all the information needed relative to the graduate jobs on offer. This information needs to be portrayed in such a way that it stands you out from the crowd. Also, the structure of your CV needs to have your most recent jobs and personal information at the top. Your contact details also need to be in as many forms as possible, for example email, telephone and address. Giving examples of relevant case studies that you have been involved in that is related to the graduate jobs will also give you that edge over other graduate jobs competitors.

Here are some useful tips of what not to include in your CV. In your CV it is wise not to exaggerate the tasks you have carried out or your past work experience. Either you will get caught out at the first hurdle if your potential employer chooses to do some homework and research around your past experience or capabilities. The second hurdle maybe when you are in the interview and they decide to persist on questioning you about something you have mentioned in your CV that maybe standing you out from the rest. What the employer may be doing is gauging how capable you are for the graduate jobs role ahead and what they want from you is to relay past experience to see how related it is. The third hurdle is you may get the graduate jobs role you applied for and then the employer finds you’re clearly not capable of completing the demands of the job and dismisses you during or after your probationary period.

It is also not sensible to blather on about elements unrelated to the graduate jobs on offer just for the sake of padding out your CV. This can completely put off your potential employer and without a doubt they will just put down your CV and continue on to the next. After all the people in your potential future company who read your CV don’t have time set aside to read masses of CV’s. They often want to see related points related to the job and personal attributes that with help migration into the company easily.

It is clear that many people looking for graduate jobs make these characteristic mistakes when delivering a CV. It is therefore important that the elements above are addressed with due care and attention to help you stand out from the crowd when selecting the ideal graduate jobs.

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