Seattle is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. Apart from being one of the prominent cities of Washington, it has got an immense amount of natural beauty in it. It is sparsely populated. According to the 2010 census, the population of Seattle is 608660. Seattle is undoubtedly the largest city in the north-western United States. The Seattle metropolitan area is inhabited with 3.4 million inhabitants and is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the country. The city is equipped with a major coastal seaport situated in a narrow isthmus between Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

There are a number of landmarks in Seattle city, which are worth to be seen if you are visiting the city for a pleasure tour. The Space Needle dating from the Century 21st exposition is Seattle’s most recognizable landmark. The fairgrounds surrounding the Needle are converted into Settle Center, which is certainly the site for many local civic and cultural activities like Bumbershoot, Folk life and Bite of Seattle. Seattle Center plays numerous roles in the city ranging from public fair ground to civic center. The Smith Tower was the tallest building on the West coast from its completion in 1914 until the Space Needle overtook in 1962.
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Seattle has been the regional center for the performing arts in various forms and expressions. The century old Seattle Symphony Orchestra, resident at Benaroya Hall, serves as the pit orchestra for most productions of the Seattle Opera. The Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet are also distinguished ones; known as one of the best cultural hubs of the world. The city also boasts of lauded summer and winter chamber music festivals organized by the Seattle Chamber Music Society.

The 5th Avenue Theater is also one of the distinguished cultural hubs of the city, which stages Broadway-style musical shows. Seattle is also the home of grunge music as it was home to artists such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney. These artists showcased their talents and skills in front of a large audience in the early 1990s. The city also boasts of having best movie houses showing both Hollywood productions and works by Independent filmmakers. Among the numerous movie houses in Seattle, Seattle Cinerama stands out as one of the only three movie theaters in the world still capable of showing three-panel Cinerama films.

Seattle is the third largest city of Washington, United States. It is no doubt the major centers for education, cultural and economy. The economy of this place has been driven by a number of old industries and new information technology and services. The tourism industry is highly developed. There are numerous flights which fly to Seattle from various parts of the world and many flights offer you cheap airfares. The airline prices of Seattle flights are very reasonable. The information about flights to Seattle can be inquired from various travel portals.

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