Second chance romance can happen even if the relationship was totally broken. Listen to what your heart is saying and wait for the spark to grow.

It is hard to experience break up, from the loss of partner up to the pain from the situation are difficult to accept so as the process of moving on. However, there are those people who choose not to dwell on things that hurt them but opt to heal their hearts and start once more from the beginning But saying I LOVE YOU will not help you to completely start with him again. There are necessary processes that you need to undergo first before deciding to get back to the relationship again.
If you still believe in second chance and your heart is still beating for him, then go and find a way to win him back, learn through the processes and take time.

Know Yourself More
It is important that you will undergo assessment of yourself as YOU and as a partner in the relationship. Were you controlling everything in the relationship, as in avoiding your partner to meet with friends? Were you insecure with your partner? Were you not open for ideas from him? Were you the most nagger of all? Those attitudes can be a factor of your break up. You can make necessary changes if you know and recognize that you were not that good as a partner.

Do not blame yourself
It is unfair that you were the only person to put the blame on the break up. Consider also your partner. How was he as a partner? Was he the best man ever? Did he lie to you? When he was not also the best partner ever and have hurt you in the past, both of you are to be blamed.

It will start with friendship again.
It is with friendship that love is stemmed from. Making friends with your ex doesn't mean anything, it's just good to know that you will be good friends after the break up; you can go out as friends without being awkward with each other until such time you both feel that you need second chance. You see, friendship can make new beginnings.

Hang out with him.. As friends!
Once you started as friends, you can invite each other when hanging out with friends or in a party. That’s the start of learning to be comfortable with each other.

Growing magic and spark!
You can be much closer if you want when you have established good friendship with each other. You may be sharing each other's thoughts and feelings. With your intimacy, you both feel such love that was once lost and is back for good.

YOU and HIM/HER again
After what you have been through, you kept still and now you are with each other's arms again. Since second chance was given for both of you, it is but your obligation to take care of your relationship. To love means to nurture each other and love like forever.

You got hurt and you have been healed. You never surrendered. You were able to realize so many things from the past.You tried changing for the better. You never ever attempted to blame.You desired second chance romance. You gave all your best. Love is indeed sweeter the second time around. Love is lovelier the second time but second chance is a demand for couples to take really good care of the relationship.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on Fixing a Broken Relationship.