Second Chances. The title sounds like you screwed up on the first try and are graced with another shot. The trick is to not give that first experience any more credit than it deserves. I have made plenty of mistakes as a daughter, woman, mother, and wife. If I wore my flaws like a medallion I would be weighted down with a very large disc of toxic metal. I believe we all should be grateful for the opportunity to make it right, better, different, happier. I think as a daughter first experiences the layers of emotions that are the total sum of our being, we get totally confused! We are Never good enough. From an early age I felt the shame, sadness, loneliness, in myself and harshness of other flawed human beings that share the same. That was the secret! WE SHARE THE SAME! It was not me. The light that seeped in that moment of awareness forever changed my heart. and soul. It changed my story. It does not mean life became highway 66 . I still had many miles to walk and crawl, because my Cadillac was broken down. The tires were bald, my motor had no oil, and I had broken & rusty bolts holding my body together. I found a great repairman.

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Seventh child of 9 . mother of 5. my proudest achievement has been raising beautiful beings who value life and love.