After a multi-million pound estate is bought in Chaddleworth tongues have begun to wag over the identity of the mystery buyer. Previously the estate belonged to a racehorse trainer, Mr Charles Egerton, but has now been sold to an unknown buyer. The sale of the Head’s Farm Estate reached approximately £10 million when sold recently. A spokesman for the agents Fisher German LLP and Knight Frank LLP confirmed that the estate had been sold but there was a permanent confidentiality clause on the contract which forbid the agents from revealing who the mystery buyers were.

As a result of this clause the neighbourhood gossip has gone into overdrive. The parish council vice-chairman said that once people heard of the clause celebrity names such as Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue have been linked to the estate.

Even though the buyer is shrouded in secrecy, the council is involved in the sale to a certain degree. The reason being is that there is a piece of land on the estate of about 12 acres in size. This parcel of land belongs to a charity but the parish council is its trustee. The history behind this plot of land goes back to before the 1700’s. The 12 acres were used by the very poor of the village to help themselves to wood on the land in order to help them survive the very harsh winters.

Before the sale of the estate the chairman of the parish council Mr Michael Pooley had received a letter from the C Egerton Trust. In the letter the Trust asked if the council was interested in selling the 12 acres of land which is locked inside the estate. The news of the letter was discussed in the parish council meeting in September last year. It was raised again in the parish council meeting in October. However Mr Pooley has explained that the council has no intention of selling the land due to its historical roots and its identity of Chaddleworth. Mr Pooley explained that for the last forty years the Egertons have paid rent for the land and so this is expected to continue for the new owners.

The estate is around 704 acres, the main house was built in 1938 which boasts of eight bedrooms. The house is surrounded by stables, paddocks and outbuildings. This parcel of land is therefore quite small on the estate but of a great significance.

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