The power of the reward is transient and is omni present even if there is no actual reward in the first place. You see, you need to understand the potential matrix of the human mind and how it really works in this day and age. It is actually tuned to respond to a certain mix of ingredients and for one thing, rewards are definitely one of them. There is nothing that the human mind will not respond to or believe if there is something in it for them at the end of the day.

The power of the reward is something that you should wield for yourself to help in your persuasion powers and it really works on the concept of the carrot. Let us take an example for one. If there was a person at the end of the road and you told them that it would be in their best interests to follow this road. Of course, this person has already an idea of where they are going, they have already paved their own road and have their own place they want to go there.

You keep telling them that this is a real good road, it is smooth, pot hole free and there is even good scenery around the area for them to look at while they are travelling the road. They still are not convinced and again you try to tell them that it is in their best interest to do so. You show them the rainbows in the sky, use mathematics to convince them and even use religion as a tool. Still, they refuse to go on the road, or they are hesitant at best, arguing with you why they should depart from something they already know and enter into ambiguity. Because this is the problem and the mindset that most people have in this world today, and it is ambiguity.

They are often more than a little afraid of the things they do not know about. So this is why the person you are talking to will not try this road, because they do not know what is going to be at the end of it. They might even have heard of the dangers of trying new roads and would like to stick to Safety Street, their own.
So, what if you now said that there is a pot of gold and diamonds at the end of the road. You say that if they were to take this road, take the road of ambiguity and find the path to the end, they would, in all guarantee, find a pot of gold waiting for them. For some reason, the fear will turn into a spirit of adventurism that they will use on their own. They will suddenly be more than welcome to the idea of travelling that path. This is because of the power of reward and this is something you really need to consider for yourself when you are thinking of persuading someone to do your bidding.

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