One thing that you might want to know about the art of persuasion is the truth that you are trying to sell. Whether or not there is a product attached to it, there are certain principles that you might want to look at before you actually can call something sellable. Now, this is a really technical article on how you can transform the words you are saying into the hypnotic language of buying, and there are certain marketing concepts in here that might seem misplaced at first. In the end of the day, who are the biggest persuaders of them all? Politicians? Ad companies? Priests?

Now, when you look at all three of them, you might find some things in common and they might surprise you actually. One thing you might want to look at is the scarcity factor and how that can help you sell something much better than if it was abundant. Let us now look at the cyclone theory and how this can help you. Let us say there is a small rural town in the world, and for some reason, one fine day, the weather forecasters of the world find that there is a possibility of a massive cyclone forming and heading its way into this town.

Now this cyclone is going to rip through the town, destroying its crops and its going to make it impossible for goods to come in from the outside world. So, then, the local mayor advises the people of this town to stock up on foodstuff because there might be a downturn in supply because of this. What happens is that people then take a mad rush to the supermarket and start hoarding up all the local food stuffs. The buy and buy, and sales of rice and dried goods have never been so fantastic. So what does this example tell you. It tells you that when there is a threat of scarcity, people will buy anything for the fear that there will not be any more in the near future.

In fact, even if we depart from that scenario, we can also look into the simple fact that even if there was no danger coming, and even if they do not really need something, then they might still buy the product for the future use, even if there is no proof that it will become valuable or if they really need it in the near future. So, this is what you need to be the master of. You need to convince them that the truth you are selling is so hot, that in almost any time now, it will be lost forever. This is following the simple theory of demand and supply. Once there is a high demand, people will get curious and they will try to buy one just to see what the hype is all about. This is what you need to capitalise on to get ahead in persuading someone to buy yours.

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