Success can mean a number of things depending on our viewpoints. What-one considers Success may be failure to another. So, in-order to expel any false notions it is crucial that we pinpoint the essence of what Success really is. Very simply put Success is the ability to win; be a winner or to be winning. One maybe considered to have found Success in business, work, relationships and health if they are winning. For our purposes here at, we’ll define Success as to those members whom are winning at maintaining fit, healthy bodies and lifestyles. Yes, winners are not only losing weight today but, we are keeping the weight off. The Secret Principles of Weight Loss Success are the key ingredients as to why thousands, today are finding real success with their weight loss programs.

We maintain that in order to reach success one has to practice a daily regimen of principles or disciplines that result in living a successful lifestyle. Although, these same principles can be practiced daily to win success in any area of our lives when applied towards our weight-loss programs we see sustaining results. The weight loss success principles include: planning, thinking positive, laughing, focusing, eating a balance diet, exercising, meditation, commitment, willingness and honesty and not necessarily in this order.

Willingness: How often have you heard it said, “The mind is willing but, the body just won’t follow.” Willingness is a principle that has to be assigned to our hearts, mind and body. We’ll need all three working in conjunction in-order to receive the successful weight-loss results we’re looking for from our programs. Am I willing to change my condition? Am I willing to have a healthy fit body? Am I willing to do what is necessary to get the results I am looking for? These a but a few of the questions we should ask ourselves when embarking on a renewed journey of weight-loss.

Planning: Success rarely comes to those whom don’t plan ahead. Successful dieters not only plan their daily meals but, they plan their entire days. Weight-loss programs come with their own plan. These programs are designed with strategies in mind to help their dieter’s conquer the fat. Planning helps you to get organized and to lay out a structured course when engaging your weight-loss program. Planning your day evolves laying out the route your going to take. You don’t want to pass by that pastry shop or ice cream parlor you’ve always couldn’t denied so plan to walk or drive an alternative route.

Thinking Positive: If your like us you’ve tried countless weight-loss programs with a little success only to fall back into your previous patterns. Don’t give up. We have to think positive on a daily basis. Thinking positive alerts us that even if we fall off the horse we need only get back up on it and start riding again. If your going to beat yourself up for breaking your weight-loss or diet plan do it with a feather. Your not alone, we all have done this. Keep thinking positive and know that your success is around the corner as you get back on the band wagon and try-try again.

Laughter: You may have heard it said, that laughter is the antidote for what ails us. We contend that by laughing not only are we healing ourselves but, we are inviting the forces of success into our very beings. We will also tell you that it is good medicine to laugh at ourselves. If ever you fall out of a weight-loss or dieting plan, don’t get hysterical just laugh at yourself and get started again. This secret principle of weight loss success helps to not only alleviate stress but, will help you disregard the stigma of outside judgmental forces we overweight people have to deal with. So, not only do we laugh at ourselves-we laugh at those skinny judgmental forces too.

Focusing: To be a success at anything your going to have to get your powers of focus and concentration under control. For our purposes here at The Self Help Guide, we encourage you to create a tunnel vision when applying focus to your weight-loss or dieting program. We call it “Keeping your eye on the prize.” Keeping your eye on the prize involves envisioning what you want to look like and keeping the focus until you achieve your goal weight but, this also includes maintaining a balance weight and diet.

Exercising: If you really want to enjoy the success of weight-loss your going to have to get involve with a routine exercise plan. Whether you like it or not and most don’t. The trick is to begin in small increments or small repetitions. This is one of those things your going to have to do even though most days you won’t feel like it.. Remember to start small and like Nike says, “Just do it.”

Meditation: Simply put-meditation is taking a little time out of your morning and evenings (1o min.) and thinking about or reflecting on your day. Use this time to see yourself as a successful weight-loss individual and whatever else you imagine yourself to be. This your alone time and if you have to go into a bathroom to get it- so be it.

Commitment: Undergoing the beginning of any weight-loss or dieting program can be an extreme challenge to most people. We have found that with any program it has to begin with one having the commitment to see it through. Commitment is so important to your success, for if you are not committed to a thing you will not see the thing through. Before starting your weight-loss or dieting program make sure you are first committed to doing so and then begin. Say something like,”I am committed to this program and I will not waiver.”

Honesty: The last principle is certainly not the least. Foremost, we have to be honest with ourselves in every aspect of our lives, whether in dealing with weight-loss or any other subject. Honesty with ourselves allows us to tell ourselves that yes, we did break our diet or weight-loss program and now have to do something about it. Honesty allow us to look in the mirror and be proud of what we see regardless of any mistakes we may have made. When we are honest we can say to ourselves and anyone else,” yes, I made a mistake but, I am sure going to correct it the first chance I get.” This is one of the more important principles practiced that allow people just like you to enjoy success in maintaining a weigh-loss or dieting regimen.

Achieving weight loss success and weight loss maintenance involves more than just conditioning the body but, a conditioning of the mind and spirit must take place. Rarely have we seen our subscribers fail whom follow the Secret Principles of Weight Loss Success in conjunction with their chosen weight loss programs. For more information on success in weight loss visit us @ for more information.

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