Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, lunch is the most nutritious meal of the day. This theory is valid from the past hundreds of years. Kings used to have a heavy lunch that included large amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, cereals and all the other essential minerals like iodine, potassium, sodium etc. A chhapan bhog used to be every day lunch for the upper class of the society kings, ministers, merchants and traders. Anyone who could afford used to have a heavy lunch every day. It is a fact that food is the only source that provides energy to humans.

In today’s fast pace, we often have a light breakfast instead of a heavy breakfast, a cold and unhealthy lunch that only satisfies our hunger and a heavy dinner. Ideally it sounds good, but it isn’t a right lifestyle. An ideal lifestyle for a healthy and longer life is to have a heavy breakfast, a satisfying, healthy and nutritious lunch and a dinner that is lighter than air. A fast pace life and a busy schedule results in shortage of time for a complete meal, resulting in stress. There are many solutions to this routine problem, but there one routine solution to this routine problem, it is carry a home cooked lunch every day to work or school in a Thermal lunch bag.

Thermal lunch bag not only keeps the food warm, but also retains the nutrients of the meal. There are multiple benefits of a thermal lunch bag. Some on them are listed below:

1. Keeps the food warm: As the name says, ‘Thermal Lunch bags’, lunch is packed in an insulated bag that retains temperature for a long time and keeps the meal full of nutrients.

2. Compact: The lunch bag is convenient to carry a tiffin box. The unique cloth of these lunch bags acts an insulator and retains the temperature for a longer period. These lunch bags are convenient to carry lunch for one person. Maintaining food grade and health value.

3. Easy-to-carry: Leak-proof, light weight and compact lunch bags are easy to carry to offices, schools and allows you and your kid to have a healthy meal every day. Thermal lunch bags have a strap that allows convenient holding of the bags in wrist and hanging it on the forearm. The bags are compact and can be carried in a backpack or a sling bag.

4. Low maintenance: Lunch boxes are made of durable material, resulting in long lasting use and efficiency. So, no need to buy a new lunch box for kids at the start of every academic year. The lunch bags at EZ Life have comparatively much longer life than those available in market, if the food spills in the bag, swipe the bag with a wet cloth and it’s clean. Boxes and bags do not affect the quality of the food and nutritional value of the meal.

5. Trendy and Colourful: Trendy designs and pop colours are eye-catching. At EZ Life we have fashionable lunch bags for the creative as well as the elite. Strips, solid colours and elegant finishing of the bags make them appealing.
Start packing your lunch every day and have a healthy meal that helps in reducing stress, provides important nutrients and keeps you fit.

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