The secret to Law Of Attraction is to be in a state of allowing and aligning with the energy of what you want, and releasing any resistance that may get in the way of your manifestation success. Many times as you manifest your dreams, you may be doing things that block the flow of progress of the things you want to come about. And these contradictions in energy within you can stand in the way of manifesting your desires.

In this article, I'll be sharing with you 6 ways on how to get out of your own way - six tips that will help instead of hinder, the coming of what you've asked for, and will establish more trust in your own well-being and manifesting power.

1. Let go of the awareness of where you are that you dislike or is missing.

Let go of sabotaging your own progress when you pay attention to the opposite of what you desire. You are energetically standing in the way of your dreams whenever you choose to focus upon the unwanted, instead of what you do want. What you want cannot come when the opposite energy is still active in you.

Don't work against yourself – against your own current. Stop looking at the absence of what you want and deliberately introducing contradictory energy that repel what you desire. Focus instead on thoughts of joy, pleasure, appreciation and satisfaction, in any topic you may think of, in order to clear the way on your path.

2. Don't take score too much, especially in the beginning. Take it easy on yourself.

As you take score too much in terms of outside manifestations, you will likely feel stressful, worried and doubtful of your manifesting power. And these feelings of discouragement, impatience or frustration will introduce further resistance along your path. Being too hard on yourself and evaluating your worthiness based off of what you can perceive right now, will just leave you drained and powerless.

Understand that what you've asked for is already in the process of becoming and the entire Universe is already on it. Having the right amount of patience and trust will provide you an edge in staying on course, even if there is no physical evidence yet at the start. Give the Universe the time that it needs to orchestrate the timing and details of your desires. And always remember to be your own best friend first, and be nice to yourself every step along the way.

3. Be receptive to new ideas. Stay open to all avenues for your desire that your mind may not currently be aware of.

Be open to the infinite possibilities that the Universe is capable of providing for you. A single closed door need not be a reason to become doubtful and discouraged about your dreams. Always hold the knowing that the Universe has countless ways and infinite abundance of possibilities. There is certainly another one coming, another opportunity around the corner, something more suited for what you truly need. And by staying open and positive, you do not block the way for these paths to be shown to you at the most opportune time. Release the insistence on only one single way, and you will then allow multiple avenues and pathways to be revealed to you at the right time.

4. Don't try to figure all things out. Don't struggle to make things happen.

Let go of needing to do sacrifice and suffering to get what you want. This contradictory energy is what takes you away from your source of well-being, success and happiness. This negative energy in trying too hard, struggling and suffering will get in the way of the easy, downstream flow of Universal energy.

Practice not engaging in fixing things in your environment and forcing circumstances on the outside, from a place of misaligned energy on the inside. You are just making things worse than it is when you sacrifice feeling good in the process, and disrupt the positive energy flow, as you try to manipulate the outside with your own willpower and effort. Things will come to you in its own perfect way as you let go of figuring out the who, when, where and how, and controlling the details of the way things should unfold. As you learn to surrender the details, you develop more ease instead of struggle, and you allow the best outcome to fall into place for you.

5. Relax and follow the path that feels lighter – the path of lesser resistance.

Pay attention to your emotions and take care about how you feel at all times. When deciding on what action to take, follow what it is you're inspired to do, what's feels exciting on the inside, and never force yourself into something that doesn't feel right and flowing. As you continuously feel your way into life, and stay in your path of lesser resistance, you allow yourself to be carried smoothly by your own stream, that is always moving toward your desired manifestations.

6. Have more fun, and allow.

This last tip is all about tuning in to your inner guidance by aligning with the energies of joy and happiness. When you become light-hearted, childlike and playful in life, you open up to inspired ideas, brilliant actions, and wonderful synchronicities that are already prepared for you on your path.

As you engage in more fun and blissful activities and things in your life, manifestations will come faster because you flow more freely and become a cooperative piece of the puzzle, co-creating joyously with the entire Universal forces.


Get back into your own power and manifest your dreams easily by not getting in the way of what already works. The Universe already knows what you want and how to take you there. And your only work is to not stand in the way of its coming. Give up the control on the outside, and come back to your true power -- to the ease, flow, happiness, and unconditional love on the inside. Embody your own blessedness and worthiness to receive all that you've asked for. Live openly, and lovingly trust the Universal support and assistance that you always have.

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Iona Kristina is a passionate inspirational writer who shares tips and resources about law of attraction manifestation techniques at her website Manifesting Tools. Travelling, reading, and writing inspiring thoughts are what she enjoys doing. She also writes about quantum reality, metaphysics, and raising vibration to manifest your desires into reality. She believes that the greatest thing that can ever happen to you in this lifetime is to awaken to your own manifesting power within. Connect with her through Facebook