People have tried to be successful in so many definitions that to nail down that definition is something that has been hard to do. Normally when meeting someone the question of what do you do expects a job related answer. Immediately there is a judgement as to whether that is good or not. Depending on the job that is stated there seems to be a decision of whether that gets admiration or not. Nothing else is taken into consideration except the job title. Not how much money is made, or what the job entails, or accomplishments, just the opinion of the job by the person hearing it.

It is a shame in my opinion that so much is put onto a job. Though jobs are very important, they are part of life and certainly not the whole thing. This is only part of life and only shows some of the possible successes in life. It's great that people do great accomplishments at their careers and people should give their best at work but there is a lot more to success than this.

To me success comes when a life is being fulfilled. This comes from following the passions that are inside of a person. Whether that is doing well at work, sailing, climbing a mountain, writing, singing etc., this needs to be acknowledged and followed. It is when there is joy inside and a spirit that grows is when success of life is happening. If someone is miserable at what that person is accomplishing at work or whatever, there is not much success in this. Instead when the family is living life together, there are jobs getting done, there is time to enjoy life, seeing new things, meeting new people, taking time to play, and uplifting others these show success.

It is very rare if it ever happens that people get tot the end of their lives and say i would have been more successful if I worked more. I would have been more successful if I didn't play as much. I would have seen success if I spent more time at work. Sure a person may have gotten money and shiny new things but for the most part there would have been things missed that matter. It often comes down to that success in life is lost when the job is more important than life. We work to be able to live instead of living to work. A happy life with enjoyment is more about success. Helping others is a success. Being kind and considerate is success. Looking for solutions for problems and talking things over is sucess. Not taking anger out on others is sucessful. Enjoying life that is precious is success.

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Liz Cosline

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