Do you have a ‘to do list’ on your first date? Yes, of course, you have to provide it from the start. Then have you re-evaluate it? And this is too much, right?

The question is can you fulfill everything on the list?

All of us thought it is important to be fully prepared and consider lots of things even before going for a first date, but we also might accidentally neglected few more important things that should be done.

Actually to avoid the things that should not be done is easier than doing the fit.
If you ever realize, those are supposed to make your first date successful. Next, you’ll gained more confidence and proceed to the next level.

So, let's look at few things you should not do:

1) Do not dress too formal
For this first date it’s best for you to be more casual, neat and simple. This will make your date more relaxing and easy. Please make sure your hair, mustache and beard are well-managed.

2) Do not come late.
Appropriate time is 10 minutes earlier than the stipulated time. Don’t late because no one likes to wait if you are late. Remember, even a minute late, this will certainly have an impact on you and you can only hope and dream for your next date.

3) No movies
Do not watch movies on your first date. This is because it’s hard to maintain eye contact with your partner, and you can’t talk freely when the movie is on. You’ll be wasting the opportunity to get to know your partner more closely.

4) No expensive restaurant
Avoid bringing your date to a classy, and a high-end restaurant, e.g. at the hotel.
"Why can’t I? It gives me lots of credit!"
In this restaurant you both really need to maintain a proper manner and behavior besides being more formal. It’s sad when your partner unable to laugh freely when she hear your funny stories. Both of you might get a bit depressed, tight, and your date will turn dull and unattractive.

These are few things that you might consider and avoid on your first date. I do believe you’ll the clearer picture here.
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