Believe it or not, your tongue can actually reveal a lot about your general health. Probably, you may not have been staring at it in the mirror much, inspecting its colour and grooves, but maybe you should. You may have wondered why dentists always insist on examining your tongue in the morning before brushing your teeth. Well, we might have an answer for that. Dentists say so because your tongue impacts your overall body health in many ways which you may not understand. The colour of your tongue changes depending on the type of food, drink, and medicines you take. But unusual tongue patterns may also change due to lack of sleep, sicknesses or bacteria. Such tongue pattern changes could also be an indicator of severe underlying health conditions, and in fact, in many cases, they are among the initial signs that something is not right.
Here are more additional facts about what your tongue says about your health:
- Red Tongue
When your tongue colour changes to red, it could be a sign that you lack Iron and Vitamin B12 which are essential for the growth of the tiny raised protrusions on your tongue surface. Also, it could be an indicator of body fever.
- Brown or Black and Hairy Tongue
A brown or a black and hairy tongue could mean that you do have the best oral hygiene or tongue health. Such a tongue appear nasty, but dentists agree that it is not a cause for major concern. Our tongue has small bumps on the surface which grow throughout our lives. Usually, these small bumps are worn down by drinking and chewing, but in some cases, they can become overgrown thus making them more likely to harbour bacteria or become stained from food. Sometimes, brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper may be all you need to remove that nasty colour of your tongue.
- Purplish Tongue
A purple tongue is quite uncommon compared to other tongue discolorations. A purplish tongue could mean that you lack certain nutrients particularly Vitamin B12. It may also be caused by certain diseases which require examination by a licensed doctor.
- Extreme Smoothness
Usually, a tongue has tiny hair-like structures which give it a rough texture. An extremely smooth tongue without its rough texture is linked to nutritional deficiency. Also, such a smooth tongue is mostly accompanied by pain and tenderness.
- Webbed or Stripped Tongue
If your tongue has a webbed or stripped look it could be an indicator that your immune system is attacking your cells. And in most cases, this is a symptom of an inflammatory condition known as oral lichen planus. The best way of treating this condition is by practicing proper oral hygiene, avoiding tobacco and foods that irritate your mouth.
Bottom Line
So, next time you are brushing your teeth ensure that you take a peek at your tongue in the mirror. Check out the colour, bumps, textures and any other thing that could be telling you about your health. In case you find anything unusual to ensure that you visit your dentist immediately. Visit or contact us at Springvale Dental Clinic for dental check-ups or for more information on what your tongue may be saying about your health.

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