There are several secrets to be considered for a Magento Development agency that has a major role in delivering the projects of similar size, requirements, and nature. Following are some of the questions that need to be answered:

Is it a Magento solutions Partner or Magento certified Agency?

Its always been the best method to search for Magento 2 agency to find out first the number of certifications it has. Basically, Magento has a formal partnership program along with a certification system that Magento developers and development agencies can subscribe to. For reaching the level of partnership, a Magento e-commerce development company must develop a certain number of Magento projects and have Magento certified developers in its team. It is better for the developers to sit for an examination every year so that they stay up to date.

For how many years of experience does a company should have?

Magento is essential to work in the path of development and maintenance of e-commerce stores. At the time of interview of agencies, always ask them about how many projects they have built or completed? Apart from this, the size of the Magento web development company. Are the developers of the company good enough in numbers to provide ongoing support for Magento services? Are they fulfilling the commitments of existing clients before handling the demands of the new clients? At the time of the initial phase, it may happen that you probably start working on other projects, then you will definitely find yourself in trouble. An ideal Magento development company with scarcely 1 or 2 Magento developers will not be able to cope with this issue.

What are the Technologies which are being used in Magento store development process?

Magento development agencies are thoroughly usingthe latest innovations and trends. It is mandatory to access the latest technology for supporting the channels and forums in abundance so that they don’t get stuck while solving your problem. Thus, the company needs to probe a little about the latest sophisticated tools and technologies that the Magento development companies may need and look for the same in the agencies that you have to shortlist for business.

If any company is into the startup or already has a Magento store which should be revamped then there is a need of hiring a Magento agency that has in-depth experience with the latest technologies and offers flawless support, and effective monitoring and smooth transitioning. Selecting a Magento development services provider company that adopts the best practices followed by the ethics that can reap the highest advantages. But, ensure that the concerned company is well-acquainted with the latest web development technologies.

What to look while choosing a Magento Agency which is proficient in maintaining the Data Integrity and Security?

To protect the shared data while outsourcing is a bit challenging than protecting it at the time of in-house Magento Development process. Only there are some measures which are given below to protect it or to avoid loss:

l Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

It is considered as the legal document that the customer as well as the Magento development company has to sign the acknowledgement that the project and its critical data will not be shared with anyone outside without permission.

l Break it up

Sharing the data with a responsible or concerned person only is mandatory. Never ever expose the secret weapons to everyone.

l Code Transfer

Intellectual property (IP) over the code/technology should be transferred appropriately. It is mandatory as not all companies mention it in the contracts. So, it will be better to keep an eye out for that too.

Always, make sure that the best Magento development company will be upfront with you and whatever the process that should be completely transparent. A Magento agency who is fully-experienced will undoubtedly possess a command on fine-tuning Magento stores for years. Moreover, their capabilities in handling every project firmly will make the clients feel secure.

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