Do you love the surf and the turf? Well, if you do then you would want some perfect shots of the waves. Are you a professional? If not, then chances of knowing the best way to get those perfect shots might be unknown to you. Then, how do you get the flawless shot?

Have you considered surf photography ? Professional photographers are both equipped and trained to capture amazing shots of the waves, in a safe and efficient way. Do you think you can do a better job than the professionals?


Taking shots of a wave can be an amazing experience, but can also be dangerous, if not handled appropriately. The chances that you will know the safety rules or the knowledge for great shots is truly slim. A surf shot is supposed to be fun and loose, to depict the subjects of the shots. The pictures might seem improvised, but the fact is that they are not. A lot of planning is needed for the shots. The professionals are sharing some of the tips that they use for the perfect images:

1. Manoeuvring the Waves: Perfect shots need a good camera. So, do you think that hauling the bulky camera through the waves is going to be an easy job? You need to learn the technique to control the camera and stay fit to withstand the powerful waves as each image is captured. When you stay fit while battling the waves, you are setting yourself to not only get beautiful shots of the wave, but also improve the rate of survival with the larger waves. Some of the ways the professionals stay fit includes:

  • Swim in ocean and pools
  • Practise holding the breath under water
  • Some training in treading under water

2. The Camera Body: When in the waves, you not only have to take care of yourself, but also the camera body. After you have finished taking the shots and are back on land, you need to maintain the camera on a regular basis to keep getting good shots. The more time you spend under water with your camera, higher the chances of damaging the camera, if not maintained properly. Some smart ways to maintain the camera includes lubrication and a regular cleaning ritual after each photography session.

3. Knowledge & Experience: A factor that is never under the control of photographers is the weather. They have to completely rely on their experience and knowledge to understand when the right time is and which is the right place for the flawless shot. The professionals say that the best swells come in when a storm is hundreds of miles away, but while some spots give you good shots, other spots can have non-impressive shots. Another factor that you need to keep in mind is the sunlight. A matter of few hours can either create or destroy your efforts at the beautiful wave shots.


When you want shots of the waves, you need the shots to look improvised, as mentioned before. To make the shots improvised does not mean that it can be random shots. You need proper planning and training to catch the perfect shots, but it cannot help you, if you lack the experience. A flawless shot of the waves would be a combination of all three factors.

The tips mentioned by the professionals are just some factors that can be explained. What about the experience? Do you have the experience? If not, then you will need to leave the job to the professionals. They have the experience along with the training and the knowledge to make the experience as safe and flawless as possible, making the decision to leave the job to the professionals a good idea.

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