Do we really need to have security for our luggage? Unfortunately, everything needs to have security nowadays. Baggage handlers don’t have enough time to sit with the luggage and supervise it. You need to ensure your luggage is safe and not just with cheap security that you buy online or from the local hardware store. Often the problem with these is the fact they are not tight so often the luggage can still be zipped open and items can be taken. Locksmith Edison, NJ can supply you with luggage locks that are tight and fit the case properly so there is no gap to pull things through. We don’t live in an ideal world this does happen.

If the security shackle happens to be too small then it cannot go back on the lock body. When you are buying your lock, the team will ensure you get the right one for your type of luggage. If also want to steer clear of shackles that are very thin as these can be cut through fairly easy.

Spare Key

Having a spare key doesn’t mean having one hidden under your front door mat or in the garden pot at your front door. Getting your keys copied and having a duplicate key will ensure that you have a key on hand shall you need it. You can give a copy to a friend or family member for safekeeping and easy access if you ever become locked out. It is a small fee to get your keys copied but a larger fee if you need a locksmith Edison, NJ to come and get you back inside with their lockout services.

This can also be done for the office and even your car or padlock. Whatever you need a duplicate key for the Quick Keys - Locksmith can organize one for you.


Extra security with a master key system

Master key systems are what many people find very interesting. The fascinations come from the fact that one key can open two different doors but then it can be turned off and not be able to open other certain doors. The main benefit of having a master key system is the fact that it allows the boss to restrict access to different areas of the office which means your security is automatically improved. Business owners can now have control over who has access to certain areas of your facility and who does not.

Cameras from Edison, NJ locksmith can help to deter the criminals

Having a security camera set up outside your home can automatically deter thieves. By having cameras installed it shows the criminals that you are prepared and watching them. Criminals will case out homes and businesses before they break in so when they see the cameras they will quickly think twice.

If someone does break into your home, you can take the footage to the police so the criminals can be caught and charged.

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