As you know, Cases by Masco is an authorized dealer of Pelican cases, SKB cases and MagLite flashlights. In addition, Cases by Masco is also an authorized dealer of the world renowned Seahorse cases. As an authorized dealer of the Seahorse case, Cases by Masco is able to offer you a multitude of Seahorse products at great competitive prices.

Seahorse cases are popularly used all around the globe by law enforcement, firefighters, military and medical personnel, and even outdoor enthusiasts and hobby fanatics like deep sea divers. The Seahorse case is known for its incredibly sturdy and heavy duty design that allows you to safely house a wide variety tools, equipment and valuables. These cases are watertight, airtight, dustproof, and crush resistant which makes them truly perfect for housing your most valuable items.

For example, let’s take a look at the Seahorse SE-300FP1 Waterproof Pistol & Gun Case. Unlike other Seahorse cases, this great case was designed to securely house a single Semi-Automatic pistol up 1911 or a revolver. This Seahorse case also features a protective die cut foam cushioned bottom, egg shell lid foam and an individual compartment for the gun's ammo, ear-plugs and other miscellaneous items.

An Overview of Case Specifications

• Case is made from injection molded plastic
• Inside length - 9.56 inches
• Inside width - 7.38 inches
• Inside height - 4 inches
• Weight - 6 lbs
• Watertight
• Crush resistant
• 2 hinges
• 1 luggage style handle
• ATA rated
• Built with military standards in mind
• The case it's self can be used to ship UPS
• Airline Carry-On approved
• Features an automatic purge valve
• Watertight seal

In addition, cases from Seahorse are built to exceed the strictest of standards that have been outlined by our very own military. Since these cases are lightweight, incredibly strong, durable and able to handle the toughest of assignments, any and all Seahorse cases come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. This means that if the case or any component part of the case happens to break, Seahorse will gladly replace it absolutely FREE of charge. Cases by Masco are a worldwide authorized dealer of the Seahorse case, which means Cases by Masco can offer you these products at incredibly competitive pricing!

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