Security Guard Services - Importance
Security of a place has become one of the leading concerns for everyone of us. Earlier it was thought that security guard services are needed by high-end professionals and executives. However, with the rise of vandalism, theft, robbery and other anti-social activities, -security services- have become part and parcel of our lives. Whether the need is for residential place or commercial space, security guard service has become essential.
Moreover, terrorist activities have also increased by leaps and bounds. Moreover, these activities have become extremely high-tech. Thus, a security guard firm should have high tech facilities to control access of people in secured places.
Every security guarding company is not equipped to provide guarding services to both commercial as well as residential spaces. So, you should check whether the company that you are contemplating to take help from has the required professionals, advanced equipments and experience.
Security Guard Services – Different Types
A renowned security service company should be able to provide a large bouquet of services. What are the different guarding services that are usually given by renowned security guarding companies? Here are some services that are pointed out below:
1. Patrolling Service
Your commercial or residential building needs patrolling service. Please check whether this security guard service is given by walking or on bike. It keeps not only the building but also the entire neighbourhood safe and secured.
2. CCTV Monitoring
CCTVs are installed at strategic points to monitor movements of people at offices or residences. These footages can be recorded, which can be utilised by the security guards to identify the robber/thief/terrorist.
3. Biometric Access Control
This is considered among the most secured access control systems available till date. Biometrics like fingerprints, iris, etc. of people is unique. These features are utilised to control access of people to certain restricted area.
4. Manned Guarding
Security guards can be appointed to watch the place so that no trespassing takes place in a residential or commercial place.
Security Guard Services – How to Choose the Right One?
You should check the following mentioned points before choosing a -security services- for your residential or commercial space:
i. Manned Guards Should Fulfil Certain Features
When you employ a manned guard then you should interact with the guard and check the profile. You should also check the below mentioned characteristic features:
• Presentable
• Alert in all respect
• Ability to collect information of the place for which he would be assigned to secure
• Accommodating
ii. Experience
You should check whether the security guard company is experienced. An experienced firm in the field of security services is more equipped in dealing with the various security threats.
iii. Dependability
The guard given by your appointed security service should be reliable and dependable. Thus, you should check whether the company you are selecting has a screening policy.
iv. Reporting on a Regular Basis
The security guard should report on a regular basis so that you can check whether he is performing the works sincerely.
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Eliza Bailey is working as the General Manager in a firm that deals with -security services-. She has written a series of articles on the advantages of getting in touch with a reputed security guard.