A lot of myths and misconceptions are being associated with the security guards. Usually we see tall and well built ‘men’ being hired as the security guard. So this does not mean that only tall men are eligible for the job of a security guard, in fact women and men having mediocre height can also be hired! The times are changing and so needs to be done with all the unruly misconceptions.

The basic thing that you should consider having in your guard is the strict vigilance and shrewdness to be able to detect the intruders from the common visitors. Also some common notions doing the rounds are that the guards are particularly lazy and sleep the entire time. It is not good to judge a book by its cover. The following are the common misconceptions that this article is clarifying for the readers:

  • Tall and well built!

A common misconception is that the security guards have to be big, tall and well built or muscular! It is obvious that the well built men acting as your security guard will be able to deter the trouble makers more effectively but it is not necessary that all the security guards must have to be tall and muscular. Having a huge body will be of no use if the guard is not having a presence of mind and lacks observational skills!

  •  It’s a male dominated world!

People who opt out from hiring security guard from Albury have the misconception that women cannot be hired as a security guard as all the guards are men! This is 21st century where women are no less than men, be it in any field or occupation! People usually assume that this is a male dominated industry but the notions are liable to change as nowadays women are being extensively hired by the security companies of several cities!

  • Guards are not trained!

No company is using to hire nay layman or laywoman as their staff! The security companies hire the security guards that have received full fledged training and certifications! The security guards are the first line of defense of your property and are absolutely trained to undertake the job. They are skilled as they have to face a variety of situations and handle people of various temperaments. These guards are so well trained that they usually follow several codes and regulations to satisfy the client needs. They are hired on the basis of their credibility and certifications.

  •  Deals primarily with crimes!

Another common misconception is that the guards only have to deal with crimes such as intrusion, thefts and burglaries. But in actual they have to maintain the daily records of all the visitors and report the same to their employer! This is not all as they also do several tasks which are beyond protection such as guiding people by giving them proper route directions. 

Several security services in Albury have able security guards who are highly multi faceted! From guarding, protection to the care of special guests, they can do it all! Hiring them is not at all costly as they provide protection to your family and your costly assests. 

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