Everyone around the world is likely to be familiar with Houston Texas. The mighty city is the 4th most populous and the 8th most expansive city in the entire United States. There is a lot of rich history and fascinating facts attached to Houston as it is known to be the chief town of space exploration, air conditioning, international energy industry and petroleum exploration. The city is almost always on the forefront of sports headlines and is also one of the most socially dynamic cities in the world. However, there is one more that this city is known to be the capital city of, and that is capital punishment.

Out of 285 cities in the entire US, Houston ranks on the 46th spot among the countries with the highest crime rate, which is not a very appreciative standing, given the degree of city’s importance. However, it is also quite understandable since it is among the 5 most densely populated cities in the United States and the number of social crimes is also likely to be as great as the magnitude of the city itself. Although the rate of home crimes has not risen in the past couple of years, it is still found to be at an alarming rate which makes home security in Houston an absolute must. With that said, it is advisable for homeowners in Houston to take the following protective measures:

Interior Monitoring - The recent statistics from the FBI indicate that more than 80% of the burglars are likely to arrive at the 1st floor of the house. Therefore, the first order of business should be to secure the living room, as it serves as a gateway to various other sections of the house. Once that’s done, it is advisable to add the security equipment to each separate room on the 1st floor. Motion activated light bulbs, surveillance camera and motion sensors coupled with image sensors can make for the best home security system to protect the entire first floor of the house.

Entrance Point Protection - A large majority of burglars choose the main door as their point of entrance, especially during the hours of the day when no one’s home. To remedy the said problem, it is advisable for the homeowners to incorporate a smart doorbell camera in their home security system. This way, not only can you have an eye on your entrance even while your away, but can also warn the perpetrator and drive them away through the doorbell camera’s two-way communication capability. You might also want to have your back-door monitored by installing a surveillance camera, as the burglars are also highly susceptible to break-in through their, especially during the after-hours. It might also be a smart move to install motion sensitive light bulbs in the porch and at the backdoor of the house. This can not only alert the people inside, but can scare the burglars away.

Window Protection - If the doors are protected and the burglars are still thinking about getting in, their next target is going to be the windows. Although most of the windows have locks but that doesn’t make them impervious to damage. To that end, if some does attempt to break the window, it would be wise to have the glass break sensors in place so that the alarm can go off instantly, alerting not only the homeowners, but also the local authorities by sending electronic distress signals to the nearest office.

Other Plausible Locations - Places such as the 2nd floor, basement and garage are often left out because people are of the impression that they are less likely to be targeted. Although it might be the case, these places are still a part of a home and must be protected from whatever little possibility of crime that they are susceptible to. Installing security cameras and motion sensors can avert any likelihood of a criminal act.

It must be borne in mind that no matter where in the entire US you might be living, the danger is always out there. However, luck for the Houston dwellers, it wouldn’t be hard to find the best home security companies in Houston Texas as there are plenty of big names operating in the area. Perfect Home Defense is one of the companies that can get you the best home security system in the market at a reasonable price. You can get the equipment with no upfront cost if you own a home in the area. Furthermore, have a home security system can allow the homeowners to slash the home insurance rate down to 20%. With the implied importance of having a home security system and the opportunity of getting a good system at a low price, everyone ought to immediately get the home security system installed in their homes.

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Houston ranks on the 46th spot among the countries with the highest crime rate, which should indicate the importance of having a Home Security System for Homeowners in Houston.