Security services are gaining more and more popularity in recent times. Businessmen, actors and other celebrities always require protection and are in the need of an elite security agency. A good security service consists of staff from senior security personal, former intelligence operatives, people who have been employed earlier in army or other defense forces. These security guards will have a minimum experience of 10 years and people having more than 20 years of service experience are preferred. The primary objective of a security officer is to prevent and deteriorate crime. They also provide security to lives and property of the user. These securities will be well trained to handle toughest situation and crisis. They could operate emergency equipment such as first aid, PR, take detailed report and they can accomplish other requirements of the client.

In case of security systems the officers should go through intense training for carrying weapons like batons, guns, or others. The officer should have a weapons license and the practice of use of fire arms is inevitable. In case of some agencies complete police verification has to be done before the person is appointed as security guard.

While choosing a security agency special care must be there. Let us now take a look of some of the points that has to be remembered while choosing a security agency
• The agency which we are hiring should be reputed and the security personals should have minimum 10 years of experience
• The credibility of the agency should be checked as you cannot take risks with you and your dear ones life’s
• They should perform random petrol inspections in our companies and house
• Always chose the agency which uses hi-tech technology for surveillance and protection. Use of close circuit cameras are a common thing in security agencies
• The agents provided by the security service should be properly trained in martial arts, hand to hand compact and to use fire arms with ease
• The agents should be properly aware of the new methodologies enacted in security systems.

Generally security agents are classified into five categories namely

• “in house” – these are employed inside malls or other important buildings to protect staff are mainly appointed in casinos for the safety of people coming over there and to take care of the money handled. Casinos earn much amount of money and this money has to be transferred to banks and the security agents provide special security for them.
• “Contract” they work for a private security agency and they have to protect many locations
• “Public security” – these types of security agents are also called as private security or Special Forces. These people can enact law and order and are specially trained to content chaos in the city.
• “Para police “- these are agencies which engage in investigation of criminal activities and they under take arrests

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