Sedona – Arizona’s rustic red country


Sedona is one of the engaging Southwest vacation spots that never fail to mesmerize visitors. The world-famous Red Rocks is the most significant part of the tourist trail, make that an awestruck trail of visitors who find it hard to leave Sedona’s mystical surroundings.


Seeing Red in Sedona


The city has a stunning backdrop of red sandstone formations close to Oak Creek Canyon, seen as the most outstanding in all of the canyons in the area. It covers cities starting from Flagstaff to Cottonwood. The ponderosa forests within create a lush area for picnics, hiking, camping and other outdoor leisure options. There are jeep tours that go around the Red Rocks to enable a closer look into enormity of the sandstone peaks. These rock formations are attached to the mystical heritage of Sedona, evoking spiritual enlightenment. Around Sedona, there are plenty of ancient dwellings and sacred lands to discover. Book your Sedona Hotels with


Many Facets


Sedona’s Red Rocks and other canyons may be the primary attractions in the area, but there are more places and activities to explore. You can choose from state parks such as Slide Rock State Park or Red Rock State Park to begin the most bewildering journeys into the heart of Sedona’s diverse landscape. Galleries and museums like Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Heritage Museum and the Montezuma Castle National Monument present a gathering of seminal art sampling from local artists. Montezuma Castle is actually a group of ancient dwellings found at the cliffs used by the Pueblo people who settled in the area during the middle ages.


Spa Bliss in Verde Valley


With such impressive landscapes, sightseeing can take its toll on your body. Take a much-needed break by sampling the spa resorts in Verde Valley. Wellness resorts are in-demand in Sedona, providing travelers a life-enhancing experience while meditating amid the rustic setting.






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