What makes your journey memorable? It’s none other than the experience you earn from that unforgettable journey and the captures that you collected throughout the visit. And whenever we talk about your Norway visit, we can’t move back without talking about the Northern lights.

Every year, countless visitors visit Norway with the sole motto of getting the best view of cascading red, green and yellow lights that not only brings silence throughout the arena but also brings a soothing feel to the viewers. There are distinct northern lights cruise packages that you can book to earn the incredible view of the sky. There are Norwegian Coastal Cruises which are dedicatedly offering the unforgettable ride of your entire journey.

Now, what are Northern Lights?

Most of you may not be aware of the scientific existence of northern lights. The northern lights are commonly known as the Aurora Borealis which is basically the combination of two historical words. Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn while the Borealis is the Greek term used for North winds.

People are fond of getting the best view of northern lights only because they appear in different forms whenever they appear in the sea. Once you might see the lights in swirl form on the other second, you might see the dancing colors over the sky.

What is the best place to see the aroma of northern lights?

The simple and descriptive response to this query is, you need to stay beneath the Auroral oval in order to get the best experience of northern lights. As the entire light play happens in the Northern hemisphere, northern Norway is considered to be the prime location to experience this amazing view.

Talking about eth scientific existence of these lights, the electrically charged particles are the core reason behind this amazing light play over the sky. When highly charged particles enter the earth’s atmosphere, they release energy in the form of heat and hence different colors appear in form of a swirl.

Entire northern Norway resides under the view of northern lights. Hence it is considered as the best place to get the most exciting view. As the northern lights look amazing under auroral oval, you need to travel through Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise that can let you travel to the exact location from where you can earn the best ever sightseeing of the northern lights.

When can you visit to get the best view?

The best part of the northern lights is, they give you distinct view for about 7 months of the year. During the period of September to March, the arctic sky is dark that brings a really amazing background to view the colorful northern lights. This period makes the best-suited conditions for sightseeing.

So, if you are planning your Norway visit in coming days or you are dedicatedly planning your trip to see the northern lights, prepare yourself accordingly. You should read the above-mentioned points thoroughly to plan a smooth visit and get a totally different experience from nature.

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