Why talk about water in starting seeds when everyone knows you must water seeds?

Water is something everyone has a tendency to take for granted. It is the last item on the suspect list, but one of the first ingredients introduced into your growing scheme.

Have you ever changed water for your goldfish with tap water? Did your goldfish become a croaker? I mean, did you find your goldfish, eyes bulging, lips puckered out but not moving, floating upside down in its bowl? Chances are you suspected your goldfish was intolerant of something in the tap water, and if you did, you were correct!

Plants are of course living organisms and subject to disease, chemicals, minerals and ph of the water given to them. In the natural world of horticulture rainwater is the predominate aquifier and for all practical purposes you might as well say it is distilled.

In the seed starting process it is important to get control of as many variables as possible to promote getting the healthiest sprouts. This is not to say tap water won't work. Many gardeners put tap water into a jug and let the clorine evaporate off before using it on their seedlings. Some gardeners use a carbon filter system to filter their water. The point is using distilled water gives you a neutral starting point so that you don't have to backtrack when troubleshooting problems with your plants.

Unless your water is fifty percent battery acid or something of the sort most any water will sprout a seed. Most any seed thus sprouted will pop up and look great. But then you notice the tips of the leaves wilting or the stem is weak and it leans or falls over. The stem might indent like a stopped up straw. Often people think there's not enough water and water even more. Very few people simply stop watering. The result too often is to drown the plant. Of course it doesn't matter if the quality of the water is the problem. The sprout is doomed!

If you are interested in having the most beautiful flowers and healthiest vegetables it is necessary to consider the discipline of giving your plants what they want and need. Plants will never stay out all night making you wonder about where they are. They will never ask you for your car keys and wreck your car. From sprout to seed your plants will reward you with the satisfaction of your efforts.

Of course, when you start seeds indoors plants like distilled or filtered water at room temperature. No need to begin your seed starting by giving your sprouts the shock of the life.

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