Since childhood I have perceived faces in what seemed to be everyday objects. I can perceive energy with my spiritual vision, seeing what appears to be molecular structures. And I often acknowledge the presence of spirit around me through means other than clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.

I was recently watching a show on TV where a man was reported to be able to pick up the presence of spirit in objects. The spirit wasn’t actually IN the object, but their energetic imprint was upon the item. However, it was being reported that the spirit was actually inhabiting the item in question. This makes my mind to go Hmm. What would be the purpose of a spirit inhabiting an object? I can’t think of one! Yes, some spirit people do have an affinity for certain items that they held dear while in the physical, however once they cross over they realize that things are just things. It’s their living loved ones that are of importance to them.

So, how do we acknowledge the presence of spirit around us? There are many ways, but pareidolia is one way that I would like to discuss here. Pareidolia is imagining a pattern or a picture where it wouldn’t normally appear. A good example of this is the picture below…

I picked up this little copper pot in the Salvation Army many years ago. My initial intention for the pot was to hold sand, in which I would burn incense. I had the pot sitting on the shelf near my office chair. I sensed the presence of spirit next to me and when I looked, I noticed a man’s face in the pot. Now, if you can see the face does this mean that the spirit of the man is actually in the pot? No, it simply means that the essence, or imprint, of the spiritual being that may have once owned this pot was present upon the pot not in the pot or room.

Pareidolia is most often a phenomenon seen in clouds, the moon and in nature, but can also be seen in patterns. We see these images through the right brain where it is filtered using our innate creativity. The right brain is also where spirit perception resides. Pay attention to the little clues that you receive. Is this a sign from spirit or your creative mind?

Blessings ~ Lisa

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Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Instructor. With over 50 years experience, Lisa offers hope that our loved ones remain with us even after the change called death.

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