To know our Soul Work, we must experience the world through a divine perspective which means we must know our archetypes and how they influence our daily lives. From a Psycho-Spiritual model of consciousness it becomes evident that our archetypes create the very foundation that uses symbolism as a language all its own! This symbolism shows up everywhere, in our dreams, in artwork, through myths, in movies, in advertising and of course within all our dynamic relationships.

As we make time to genuinely reflect and come to know our own dominant archetypes only then are we able to develop a true respect for the journey we choose because it is in our blood and we must! The intricate language forms which are embedded by these archetypes help us integrate our unconscious images and latent impulses with our conscious awareness so we may make the best possible choices from a heart centered place of peace, clarity and well being. This improves all of our experience, as we know that we’re doing what’s intended for us, as we feel a sense of congruency throughout our body, mind, spirit and soul!! It’s inspiring and heart-warming to know we're living the life we're meant to live as renowned author Caroline Myss posits this premise in her book ‘Sacred Contracts’. These innate templates are the infrastructure that exists in all mankind as well as in other forms of creation. In essence they're just about everywhere, all around us all the time! It’s a good idea to take notice, recognize, understand and honor them since this is your deepest essence.

Just as we respect our innate wisdom, we must acknowledge our dark parts as well. As we become receptive to discovering the darkness, we can discern our habitual default setting that’s revealed by the patterns we generally live by, which is precisely how we open new opportunity for transformation and growth! However, in order to do so, we must be brutally honest with ourselves and recognize when our primary selves are functioning versus when our ‘disowned’ selves are vying for attention.

As human beings, we all have shadow sides within our intrapsychic framework. There’s no denying this, so it’s best to befriend these aspects that try to sabotage the life endeavors of the true self. In doing so they'll ultimately dissolve on their own as their power is taken away. One modality that accomplishes this is Voice Dialogue.

Voice dialogue as a principle methodology illuminates how our shadow sides unconsciously operate. It opens up a safe, direct channel of communication between different parts to find what value lies within. When we listen and embrace these shadow parts we decidedly streamline our natural energy flow and create greater harmony within. We become more whole, more stable and centered and ultimately become privileged with greater responsibility! We trust ourselves and the energy current because we know it comes and flows from our divine source!

The true self feels inspired by an inner directed energy that comes through this archetypal template of inclinations. It is the true self that faces and manages challenges while forging ahead with dynamism and faith in oneself and a higher power.

Your true self is always there though sometimes hides unaware. When under duress or experiencing trauma our true self is often thwarted. Four of the main survival archetypes, namely the Victim, Child, Prostitute and Saboteur are common to us all. At one time or another, we’ve all experienced these as ways to protect ourselves in vulnerable situations. With each one we learn how to preserve ourselves the best way we know how. There are many sub-forms and nuances among each type. For example, if we look at the Child archetype we see it can be subdivided into the following descriptives: the wounded child, the abandoned child, the orphan child, the dependent child, the innocent/magical child, the nature child, the divine child and the eternal child. We can all relate to the ones we resonate most with because we all have an Inner Child! Also keep in mind that one type does not necessarily preclude another. We’ve all become familiar with the wounded child who oftentimes grows up to become the proverbial Wounded Healer! This archetype is prevalent in the helping professions which embodies pure grace of compassion and empathy. These are the healers who have extreme sensitivity and depth of understanding that others may not, or more exacting would not have!

An extremely valuable resource for gaining a more comprehensive sense of your own archetypal profile is through journaling and dreamwork! Archetypal dreams emerge to help guide us when we need to realize something necessary for our waking lives or prepare us for something soon to come on the horizon. Oftentimes such messages are disguised in images that our unconscious shares in clever, creative ways that don’t threaten our ego-state into a place of denial. Images are powerful ways that the unconscious brings forth challenging issues, themes, problems, resolutions and suggestions so we may entertain ideas and situations that we might otherwise resist. This Jungian Archetypal psychology has origins long ago from remote times that uphold many timeless truths. One of these truths is that we see and experience the world through archetypes! So helpful to know! I know mine! Do you know yours?

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Moreen is a heart centered Mind –Body- Spirit practitioner. Author of "Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life" (copyright 2014) available at www.Barnes and, www.Abbottpress.comand
Additionally she is also co-author in three international, anthology publications through The Professional Woman Network.
As a Licensed NJ Social Worker, Life Purpose Coach and Reiki practitioner, she enjoys helping others explore and realize their wonderful gifts so they may reach their full potential and create a more meaningful life.
She is mother of two and resides in central NJ.
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