There are thousands and thousands of children who under perform in school. As one who did not speak until I was almost five years old and who struggled in elementary school, I empathize with children who have learning difficulties.

Why don't some children do well in school? Is our educational system to blame? While the public school system could certainly benefit from better funding, the system is not entirely the reason some children are not able to keep up in class. Some kids just do not fit the mold to be able to learn using the standard educational approach. There are eight or nine different types of intelligences and some children fall behind because their personal gifts and interests are not supported by the system.

As strange as this may sound, a child's underachievement at school could be an allergy to some food. Did you know that food allergies and emotional problems can actually affect the body and brain's ability to perform? Any athlete will tell you that their pollen allergy interferes with their ability to compete. While this is not always the case, some children improve their performance in school once their food allergies are under control. Although medication helps alleviate symptoms, the side effects often impair optimal brain and body function. It's better to discover and treat the underlying problem that is causing the allergy.

As a holistic practitioner, I often see children with food allergies who also have problems in school. Chloe, a six year old patient, was having difficulty reading. Her mom stated that the child was also experiencing nightmares. When I evaluated her, I noticed she had a sensitivity to citrus fruit. Through holistic procedures, Chloe's nightmare issue was resolved and her fruit sensitivity was eliminated. First, her concentration and attention span improved, and then her overall comprehension level increased. After a few more treatments and within a relatively short period of time, Chloe's reading dramatically improved. Today, Chloe actually enjoys reading on her own.

Emotional issues are another reason children may not perform well in academic and social settings. A high school senior named Zack was failing his senior year and recently had a panic attack during a test. His mother brought him to my office hoping to eliminate Zack's test anxieties so that he could at least pass the High School Equivalency Test. Zack was obviously an intelligent and decent kid but he clearly was not interested in school. He barely managed to get an average C grade. Naturally, he had given up on going to college. He thought that learning a trade would be his best ticket to earning a living. 

While eliminating anxiety is no replacement for actually understanding math or English, my approach was to treat him for his emotional issues. It only took five sessions for Zack to become neurologically neutral in his response to math and test taking. It came as no surprise when he passed the High School Equivalency test after our holistic work together. For me, this experience is bittersweet, because I could have treated Zack before he entered high school and he could have avoided the embarrassment as a teenager. While it is never too late, there are some cases in which one would wish to have had an earlier impact.

Not all learning challenges are allergy related. Not all learning challenges are emotionally based or a product of the educational system. However, cases like Chloe's and Zack's demonstrate that it is possible to significantly change a child's educational experience and improve the quality of their lives through safe, gentle, holistic treatment. It literally can improve their life and the family’s life.

And of course, parental involvement is the cornerstone for a child's success. Also tutoring must be added to the equation for optimal performance in SAT and ACT tests. A few hundred points can often make the difference in a scholarship or a better college. Whether it's mathematics, reading comprehension, or performing well in tests, it is amazing and wonderful to see children excel in their studies.

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