The Honorable life of the last Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has left an extraordinary and noteworthy impacts on the humankind. The whole human kind observed a revolution in all features life i.e. economic, social, Political, spiritual, national and individual, with the influx of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) on the podium of humankind. World perceived enrollment of mystical or religious awareness and cultural development. According to the holy Quran, the organization of the prophet hood has been fastened with the Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him). Traditions or arguments of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and Quranic Injunctions are now only foundation of divine commands to humankind.

The foremost thrust of the Prophet’s teaching that changed the former spiritual viewpoint was to free humanity from the animistic thoughts of the past that expounded a love of the remarkable world. Emerging religiosity of man mainly wandering in the world before Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon), was to exploit all cooperative or harmful in this universe, with a supernatural sanctity or even at times with devoutness. The Prophet’s wide-ranging and lucid orders dealt a commanding setback to all such obscurantisms and misconceptions. He taught in distinctive terms that man’s household and condition have been formed for the capability of man. Moreover, he prompted that this world has been formed, prearranged and modified to uniform the presence of man and to aid the wants of human lifestyle. Pronounced in one of his oft-quoted speeches that surely this straight world has been formed for you, but you have been made for the last world of the hereafter’. Aimed at the eternal home of lasting heaven which will be the final house of mankind is really worth man’s phases.
It was precisely this teaching of the Prophet (SAWs) clearly uttered in the Qur’an that provided upsurge to the appearance of the tentative practices of natural disciplines. For unless one has the satisfaction of knowing that this world is not basically man’s adversary, but enjoyable and well-matched to humanity’s contentment and improvement, natural science is scarcely sensible. Science and all its kinds and methods of examination and inspection seem to continue obviously from the monotheistic belief of Islam trained by the Qur’an and the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). The Holy Qur’an covers up abundant statements that completely authenticate this argument.

Also, he declared in his last public speech that all thoughts of joint supremacy among humans are false, and that man had been formed in the best form and capitalized with boundless conceivable for self-development. Therefore, he was totally qualified to mold his own aptitude. He could make or undo attainment or failure by his own watchful presentations and wrongdoings. The pathway of human cultural aptitude following to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is an adequate tangible clarification on these huge catastrophic developments offered by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and completely dispersed in the socio-cultural, moral and mystical indulgence documented by him and by his associates. On the whole, we must emulate the exemplary life of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and implements his behaviors and actions in our live.

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Ayaz Ahmed Wagho is a competent and proficient author for Umrah UK regarding its December Umrah Packages, who is well known for his outstanding skills in writing about the Hajj and Umrah, the rituals of Islam. He is providing his valuable services for the Muslims residing in the UK. But nowadays he is writing about Umrah in December and helping his Muslim fellows in the accomplishment of supreme adoration and blessings of God.