A relatively small country in the largest continent of Asia, Singapore has experienced an acute scarcity of free land area in recent years. Titled or free land properties have become so expensive that they are unaffordable by the common Singaporean with an average income. Even the many luxury homes that are coming up in the city now are so expensive that they can only be afforded by the very richest of people. Due to these reasons, the real estate market of Singapore has witnessed a great rise in the number of complexes and buildings that house apartments and condominiums.

In fact, condominiums seem to have become the prime choice of the general Singaporean public in terms of housing structures. Currently, almost 80 percent of the population of Singapore live in government managed HDB apartments and condominiums, while the rest of the population resides in the more expensive private and titled properties. Moreover, with the constant rise in the population of the city, condominium developments seem to have taken a drastic rise in the upwards direction. This increase in the population is also due to large number of foreigners that migrate to the country every year due to its industry and economic growth.

Many of these foreigners have even made the city their second home, and have settled down here with their families. This, however, poses a problem in regards to their housing, as they are often forced to resort to tiny studio apartments or the many government managed HDB apartments. Not anymore! With the large number of luxury condominiums on the rise in Singapore, these people will have great housing options on offer. Luxury condo complexes like the Botanique at Bartley offer exclusively luxurious features and facilities to the residents, facilities that would otherwise cost them a fortune. Moreover, with these condos, residents do not have to worry about having to pay large sums of money for the properties.

Hence, the luxury condominiums offer people an opportunity to own a home in Singapore without having to blow a hole in their pockets. There are, however, a number of critical aspects that a person would have to take care of before they can become proud owners of one of the finest properties in Singapore. Prospective buyers must ensure that they gather as much information as possible about the properties that interest them. They can do so by attending a Bartley condo new launch, as these events often prove to be goldmines of information about new and upcoming developments in Singapore. The more information one gathers before making a purchase, the better are their chances at landing the best property that suits their needs and requirements.

An investment in a luxurious residential condominium might be the biggest investment that a person might ever make in his lifetime, and hence, it is imperative that be very careful and plan every step to its minute detail. This will help them to land the best deals in the hottest residential properties that Singapore has seen in a long time.

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With over ten years of experience on luxury condos such as the Botanique at Bartley, Maryann Wilson has been helping new homemakers in purchasing the best luxury condos in Singapore through information on Bartley condo new launch.