Numerous juice extractors are available in the market and they vary in types, performances, and above all; in terms of prices. However, the ultimate user has to take into account multiple factors before selecting the best juicer.

Factors for Consideration

Major factors that are to be considered before buying the best juice extractor are –
Type of juice that the user of the extractor requires;
Some juicers won’t be suitable enough for extracting wheat grass;
Others are ideal for fresh fruit and vegetable juices only;
All round juice extractors like the centrifugal ejection juicers can perform all the functions conveniently;
Right model and ease of use is very important in selection process; and
Since folding extractors are easier to clean they would be the better choice for any user. With the parts separated they can be conveniently cleaned out.

Other Aspects to Look For

Some other factors to be considered in buying the juice extractor are the weight and space required for the extractor. Light weight devices are always easier to handle and better in use. Similarly a big and bulky product may not be very convenient for storing in the kitchen or store room. On the other hand the mouth of the machine should be wide so that it can be fed with fruits and vegetables with ease and it will also save time.

Quality is Important

While a juicer can extract quite a good deal of juices, it may not be of any use unless and until it provides quality juices for use. When the juice extractor is run, it can generate good amount of heat in the result damaging the micronutrient in the juice or mixing some color parts or other harmful ingredients that might have come out from the surface due to the heat, in the juice. Hence the extractor that will keep the enzymes, vitamins, as well as antioxidants in the juice intact would be the ideal choice for any buyer.

Besides all these factors, the safety features are also important. It is necessary verifying the anti slip rubbers in the extractor machine and also to have a look carefully at the noise and vibrations created. Last but not the least; the device should come with a good warranty.

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