Understand the need of the Candidate
To search the right talent the basic need is to first understand the requirements of the candidate. Candidate fall under different categories some of them will be in the search of experience, some just want to experience the official life without being dedicated towards the career, while many others will be there just for the sake of money.

United we stand and divided we fall
Remember that teams are everything and candidate should understand the value of teamwork. Candidate should also be able to take the responsibility of its team and should also be the superior team member with good etiquettes.

Now the fundamentals are clear that need to be in mind before the selection of the right candidate.

Let’s get start with the selection process.

1.Detail Job Description:
The detailed description of the job should be mentioned clearly for the candidate so that the person will have the clear picture of the job description in the mind. Job Description should be written in a way that the skills which company need and the responsibility that candidate has to take should be clearly mentioned. Job Description should also include the experience you need for a particular skill. That means whether the company needs a fresher or an expertise person for the specific field.

 2. Precise job title:
Be very specific while writing the job title so that the candidate will understand the best from the job title itself. Misleading in the job title leads to frustration for both the parties.

3. Short Description for job requirement:
Writing a long detailed description for the job requirement is unnecessary. In spite of this the company should be precise about the job requirement. Reporting process can be well explained when the candidate will be onboard.

4.Company Description
Detailed description about the company is quite necessary and should be well explanatory. For the candidate to know about the Company profile is important. Candidates are very much intrigued to know about the company they want to go in for the interview. Candidates want to know every detail about the company like when the company has started, working environment of the company, working hours of the company, the goal of the company, the vision of the company and many other things.

5. Make Process Easy
Make the process easy for the candidate to apply for the job.

6. Response Time:
Firstly the company should response to all the candidate CV’s and responsive time also should be less. This reflects the activeness of the company.

7. Social Media:
These days people are more active on social media sites and expects the same from the company. Social media can also help in the selection of right candidate. Getting the detail information about the job opening and to apply for the same become easy for both the candidate as well as for the company.

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