Selenium WebDriver mechanizes the program to emulate genuine client activities on the web. As the web gets more intricate, utilizing Selenium to test has turned out to be progressively well known.

In spite of the fact that it has made web testing far less demanding for some groups and associations over the world, despite everything it has what's coming to it’s of difficulties due its open source nature. The vast majority of the issues that analyzers encounter have genuinely clear arrangements, which is the reason we plot the most well-known Selenium difficulties and how to settle them.

Popup Windows:-

At the point when a straightforward, provoke, or affirmation ready flies up, it can be hard to mechanize it to either acknowledge or close. Furthermore, Windows-based alarms are past Selenium's abilities since they're a piece of the working framework rather than the program. Be that as it may, since Selenium WebDriver can work numerous windows, electronic cautions can as a rule be taken care of with the switchTo technique to control the fly up while keeping the program out of sight.

Dynamic Content:-

A site page that has powerfully stacked substance has components that may not be at first noticeable when you visit the site. This can imply that the page is client particular and will show distinctive substance in view of various clients, new substance shows up on the page after a specific measure of time, or it shows up in the wake of clicking something Selenium Courses in Bangalore on the page. For when a locator can't distinguish another component show around then, Selenium WebDriver accompanies a coordinated Explicit Wait where you can indicate a measure of time to hold up before mechanizing a summon. This should help give the page enough time to stack and distinguish the component to cooperate with.


Some of the time Selenium will give you flaky tests, which implies they'll return as positive or negative when they really are the inverse. In the long run, excessively numerous flaky tests may mean analyzers may disregard the outcomes, however this isn't an incredible alternative either. As a rule, shaky forms can be a result of one of many components: poor test disconnection, flaky outer administrations, and timeouts. By looking at the components of your Selenium tests, it'll be less demanding to discover why your constructs are unsteady so you can approach the issue head-on.

Can't Test Mobile Apps:-

While Selenium WebDriver can test on any working framework and program on work areas, it's constrained with regards to portable testing in that it can't keep running on local working frameworks like iOS and Android. Along these lines, for instance, the variant of Facebook you pull up on Safari on your Mac can be tried with Selenium, yet not the one on versatile Safari – on your iPhone 7. The Selenium family has an answer. It's cousin, Appium, is an open source test computerization system that drives iOS and Android local, versatile, and half breed applications utilizing the WebDriver convention and can be utilized for this reason for testing portable applications rather than web applications. As clients progressively move to cell phones, it's nothing unexpected that engineers and analyzers are exploiting the functionalities of Appium for this reason.

Constrained Reporting and Documentation:-

While Selenium will exponentially build your computerized testing abilities, since it's an open source device it is restricted and includes and does not bolster much providing details regarding its own. For this reason, Selenium is best complimented with an outsider instrument like CrossBrowserTesting that can catch screenshots and share reports through incorporations like Slack and HipChat. Be that as it may, you can likewise set up a system to produce a yield envelope after a test with report data like mistakes, execution time, pass/fizzle check, and so forth like TestNG.

Multi-tab Testing:-

Selenium WebDriver can test in numerous tabs, however it may present as an obstruction on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about the right summons. For instance, on the off chance that you need to open another tab to play out a particular activity without leaving the first tab, regardless you'll need to have the capacity to control the two tabs and backpedal to the parent tab if clients are probably going to play out these sorts of activities. The best technique for this is to store the past window handle in a variable and afterward proceed in the new window and store that in a moment variable. At that point, you can utilize the switchTo technique to go between the two windows as required.

No Manual Testing:-

Numerous analyzers will get amped up for Selenium's abilities and expect that they can mechanize everything when actually this simply isn't conceivable. Actually, a ton of computerization depends on essential manual testing endeavors. Or maybe, figuring out how to organize which tests to computerize will be gainful to any analyzer. Moreover, as we said, Selenium WebDriver needs abilities for visual testing, which is imperative for testing past usefulness to survey general client encounter. The most productive approach to do visual testing is by outsourcing to an outsider screenshot device that incorporates with Selenium.


Once more, while Selenium WebDriver enables you to test on practically any program or working framework, it's as yet restricted in what number of tests it can keep running on the double and how quick it can run them in view of what number of center/hub designs the analyzer has. Also, once more, as your product scales, so should your testing. Without a Selenium network, you can just test consecutively. Be that as it may, with a Selenium matrix and a gadget lab or an outsider cloud instrument like CrossBrowserTesting, you can test in parallel. This implies products tests on various designs can keep running in the meantime, decreasing the time it takes to run computerized tests and expanding the setups you can test on.


A standout amongst other things about being a product analyzer is that there's continually something new to learn selenium training in Bangalore. As the business moved from manual to mechanization, analyzers were entrusted with adapting new aptitudes, for example, programming.

Presently, as they turn out to be more comfortable with robotization methods and devices, for example, Selenium WebDriver, it's acceptable that they'll experience more difficulties as they investigate and acclimate themselves with new testing patterns. Luckily, as programming keeps on developing, specialists can rely upon bits of knowledge and support from whatever is left of the testing group to ensure they're keeping up. Pick your favored programming dialect to begin with Selenium testing.

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