Selenium is a standout amongst the most generally utilized open source computerized testing suite for web applications. It can be utilized crosswise over numerous programs and stages, and undertakings no matter how you look at it utilize the Selenium testing device as a component of their QA procedure.

Selenium 2:

Selenium is a Web testing device. Selenium is a vigorous arrangement of devices that is utilized to record and run web applications. There are three parts of Selenium. i.e. Selenium is made out of three noteworthy instruments which has their own particular parts. Selenium is free and open source.

Selenium 2 gives drivers to:

• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Opera
• Apple iPhone
• Android programs


Selenium-IDE is the Integrated Development Environment for building Selenium test cases. It works as a Firefox add-on.

Points of interest of Selenium-IDE:

It is anything but difficult to utilize. It has record and play highlight and we can likewise compose our own particular augmentations and actualize circles, if explanations, utilize exhibits, parameterize test cases. Selenium-IDE is exceptionally easy to understand.

Impediment of Selenium-IDE:

It gets introduced as an extra on Mozilla and works just on Mozilla. IDE can't take a shot at programs other than Mozilla. That is the reason RC or webdriver is utilized.

Selenium-RC (Remote Control):

Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a test apparatus that enables you to compose mechanized web application UI tests in any programming dialect.

Favourable circumstances of Selenium-RC:

Selenium Remote Control is extraordinary for testing complex AJAX-based web applications. Selenium Remote Control can be utilized for any java content empowered program.

Impediment of Selenium-RC:

In RC we need to begin the server over and over i.e. RC totally relies on server. Exchanging between the various examples of a similar program isn't conceivable. Exchanging between the various occurrences of the distinctive programs isn't conceivable.


Selenium Grid is a server that enables tests to utilize web program occurrences running on remote machines. With Selenium Grid, one server goes about as the center point.

Webdriver is a device for computerizing testing web applications. Webdriver makes guide calls to the program utilizing every program's local help for computerization. Selenium Webdriver does not relies on the server. We can straightforwardly run the projects/contents in the fundamental strategy. Selenium Webdriver is exceptionally basic, simple to utilize and to the point.

Highlights of Selenium Webdriver:

• Selenium Webdriver bolsters different dialects for instance java, Python, C#, Ruby, Perl, Php, Java content.

• No need to begin selenium server.

• Selenium Webdriver Supports iPhone and Android testing.

• You can discover directions of any question utilizing Webdriver.

• You can undoubtedly mimic tapping on front and back catch of program.

• Keyword driven structure is anything but difficult to work in webdriver.

• Webdriver utilizes local mechanization and does not have the sandbox imperatives of Selenium-RC. It's somewhat quicker and does not require a server.

The Pros and Cons

Favourable circumstances:

• It underpins various working frameworks, programming dialects, and programs. For instance, Selenium WebDriver underpins Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, HtmlUnit, Phantomjs, Android (utilize Selendroid or appium), and iOS (utilize ios-driver or appium)

• Selenium RC underpins recording and playback of tests in various programs like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari

• Selenium IDE underpins mechanized testing in Firefox

• It underpins distinctive testing structures like JUnit, PHPUnit and TestNg

• It underpins AJAX advancements


• If your task is as of now utilizing another mechanized instrument and needs to move to Selenium, it is difficult as you can't change over robotization contents created in different apparatuses to Selenium perfect contents

• The QA group should be capable at coding which implies you need to contribute time and exertion and cash. It can be utilized just for online applications

• There is no expert help accessible. It implies you need to depend on groups for explaining issues. Issues may not really be tended to speedily in the following discharge cycle like it is done in other business items

• It does not bolster manual contents

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