In the same way that a mirror will reflect back what is taking place on the outside of someone’s being, their outer world will mirror back what is taking place on the inside of their being. However, although the former is something that is self-evident, the same can’t be said for the latter.

Therefore, while the average person will be able to accept the first part, they could quite easily dismiss the second part. In their eyes, they could be nothing more than an observer of what is going on around them.

A Bystander

Through being a passive observer, they won’t have much of an effect on what is taking place in their life or the planet as a whole. If something is going well, they could see themselves as being ‘lucky’, and, if something isn’t, they could see themselves as being ‘unlucky’.

Still, if there are areas of their life that are going well, they could be happy to take credit for it. For some reason, they will have control over this area of their life but they won’t have control over other areas of their life.

Two Parts

In general, then, what is going on internally won’t have much of an effect on what is going on externally. This means that what is taking place in their conscious and their unconscious mind won’t have much of an influence their outer world.

Then again, one might not even realise that they have an unconscious mind. Once something leaves their conscious mind, it will be as if it has just disappeared as opposed to being pushed into their unconscious mind.

The Big Illusion

Now, although they believe that they are just an observer of their outer world and that their inner world is having very little, if any, effect on how they experience life, it doesn’t mean that this is the truth. If it wasn’t for their ego-mind, it probably wouldn’t be possible for them to have this outlook.

The reason for this is that their ego-mind is the part of their being that causes them to see themselves as being separate from everyone and everything. Perceiving life in this way allows them to have their own experience on this earth.


What this means is that even though their ego-mind is not bad, this part of them can cause them all kinds of problems if it is not understood. Not only will this part of them create the illusion is separation, it will also utilise numerous defence mechanisms in order to keep their pain at bay.

When an inner experience is too painful for them to handle, a defence mechanism can end up being utilised. This will stop them from being overwhelmed and it can allow them to carry on as normal.

Out of Mind, But Not Out Of Sight

Once something has been pushed out of their conscious mind, it will end up in their unconscious mind. As time passes, one can end up forgetting that they have forgotten about what it is that was causing them to experience pain.

Before long, though, what has been pushed into their unconscious mind will influence how they experience life and the situations, circumstance and events that they find themselves in. Moreover, this forgotten inner material will impact their physical health and play a part in the thoughts and feelings that they experience.

The Signs Are There

What happens ‘out there’ will be a reflection of what is taking place in both their conscious and unconscious mind. Just like a mirror, their outer world will be mirroring back what is taking place inside them.

Nonetheless, if they are strongly identified with their ego-mind, they won’t be able to make use of this valuable information. To make use of what their outer world is mirroring back to them, they will need to develop the ability to detach from what is going on and to observe their experience.

Inner Strength

Being able to pay attention to what is going on and to look into what it may show will require one to have a fairly strong sense of self. Through having a strong inner self, they will have the ability to own what is showing up.

Without this in place, blaming themselves and falling down emotionally or blaming others and feeling energised is likely to take place. Neither of these responses is going to allow them to find out what is going on within them, to work through it and then to gradually change their life.

An Uncomfortable Process

If this was something that someone learnt during their time in the education system, their adult life would be very different. Further, the world as a whole would be very different.

Developing self-awareness as an adult and working through inner wounds won’t be easy but it will certainly be worth it. This is what will allow them to see that they are not a victim and that they have control over their life.


If someone can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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