When a year ends and another year begins, it is often seen as being a new beginning. What took place for someone in the previous year will be behind them and they will have the chance to create a very different life.

To be reminded of this, they will only have to look at down at their watch or Smartphone, for instance. The information that is provided by something like this will make it crystal clear that they have started a new year and that now is the time for them to be clear about the life that they want to live and to do what they can to make this a reality.

External Feedback

Some of their friends and family could also be looking to make the most of this new beginning. Yet, even if this is not the case, one is likely to come across numerous adverts that remind them of what part of the year they are in and one of the things that this means.

In order for them to take advantage of what is going on, then, it will be important for them to be clear about what they want and to take the steps that will allow them to gradually transform their life. If they don’t take action, they are going to be sabotaging their life.

An Inner Block

What could stop them from making the most of this time is that they might not believe that they have what it takes to change their life. Therefore, it won’t matter what part of the year that it is, as they won’t be able to get the ball rolling.

Also, what is currently going on may have worn them down, making it harder for them to be motivated. Irrespective of what is going on for them, it will be important for them to be kind to themselves and to look into what they can do to tap into the fire that is within them, so that they can take the first step.

A Lie

Even if they don’t believe that they have what it takes, they will need to keep in mind that this is just a belief; it is not the absolute truth. What they could think about is all the moments in their life when they have had what it takes.

This is not to say that this will remove the belief but what it will do is allow them to see is that this belief is not the truth. There could be more to this, too, as there may have been at least one moment in their life when they were totally incapable.

A Deep Wound

For example, if their early years were traumatic, they would have often felt and been powerless and had no control. Now, many, many years will have passed since this time and they will be aware of what they believe, but what is keeping this belief in place will be just outside of their awareness.

Due to carrying this trauma, just changing what is taking place in their mind is unlikely to do much. It might allow them to push how they really feel further down, but it won’t resolve what is really going on for them, and, even if this approach does work, it is unlikely to lead to long-term change

Out of Balance

The view that it is all about the mind, a view that has permeated the modern-day world, can be seen as the result of trauma. Trauma can permanently separate someone from their body and when this happens, they will live in a disembodied state.

Ergo, when a society, a society that traumatises people, is made up of people who are in this state, it is going to be normal for it to be mind-centric. Other than supporting the head, the body is not going to be seen as playing a part in how someone experiences life.

Staying Open

What this illustrates is how important it is for someone to keep an open mind when it comes to what they need to do to move forward. Simply going along with conventional wisdom, i.e., that ‘it’s all about the mind’ and ‘one's thoughts define how they feel’, can send one down the garden path.

Furthermore, as it is not solely about what is going on up, it means that the past is not always in the past. This is because the body carries the impact of what one has been through in the past and this is why, time alone, won’t allow them to let go of this baggage.

A Half-Truth

Taking this into account, on one side, this is a new beginning, and, on the other, a new year won’t change the fact that they are still carrying most, if not all, of the baggage they were carrying last year. Ultimately, time is an illusion; all there is is the ever-present now moment.

But, without even going to this level, time can pass and they can go anywhere on the planet, yet they will still be carrying baggage. What this means is that for them to really have a new beginning and to truly transform their life, they will need to deal with their own stuff.


This is not to say that they will ever get to the point where they will be completely free of all their baggage as this is a process. Nonetheless, the sooner they start this process and begin to work through their stuff, the sooner their life will change.

Experiencing a new beginning is then not contingent upon on what part of the year it is; it depends on them working through their own inner wounds. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer

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