Currently, we are faced with a crisis in consciousness, both individually and collectively on a global scale. It is an auspicious moment in which we have each received a personal invitation that calls us to a higher order; a time in which our higher qualities can be further developed for the purpose of greater service. The key to this conscious growth is a better understanding of our core nature that comes through greater self-awareness.

The most significant contribution we can make in our lifetime is to take the active stewardship of our own life. This requires embracing our whole self that comes with self-awareness. And the better we know our self, the more we can contribute. This fundamentally means that we consciously commit to ending our own suffering and more gracefully accept the sustenance of the One Source which is always supporting us.

It seems evident that our daily challenges cannot be resolved through our intellect and reason alone. Our lives are so complex, both in terms of our internal challenges and the unrelenting, external conditions—that the fragmented approach of segregating any important life area is no longer viable. These conditions require that we acknowledge the interconnectedness and interdependency of every relationship, circumstance and condition that arises in our life. It is unmistakable clear, that the old style of living is no longer sufficient. A more comprehensive and holistic approach is demanded. Self-awareness is the key that brings more harmony and balance into our lives, allowing us to make greater contributions to the world we live in.

The current global climate mirrors the same inner challenges each of us face everyday—how to bring harmony and balance into a daily reality by knowing our self better. The greatest dedication we can make in our lifetime is to accelerate our evolution, by bringing peace and harmony into our lives through embracing our whole nature, day after day. Only through our individual embodiment of these qualities can we then become the direct conduit of peace and harmony for others. Inner peace through greater self-awareness is the bridge between heaven and earth.

Toward this goal, I offer some thoughts to carry with you on your journey…that you have an abundance of these qualities of self-awareness, all the days of your life:

Joy–to support your spirit through life’s endless lessons.
Humor–to encourage you to see the light side of life.
Peacethat no matter what arises, serenity will be a close friend.
Inventiveness–so that you will see through to the invisible to create the seemingly impossible.
Confidence–in yourself, knowing you are whole, complete, and perfect right now.
Power–to fuel your dreams and visions.
Wisdomto know what is right for you and the courage to act on it sustain ably.
Patience–to feel supported on your journey, even when there is no visible path.
Understanding–that everything has a purpose, we just need to figure out how it fits into this moment.
Magic–seeing life as a miracle, and that we already have everything we need deep down inside.
Trust–to listen to the voice in your heart as your primary compass and guidance system.
Resilience–to have the flexibility to navigate each moment with strength
Faithknowing that you have friends in high places that are always supporting, encouraging and guiding you to your best and highest good.
Balance–to create a peaceful heart and a quiet mind.

This is just the end of the beginning. The best is yet to come! Take pleasure and benefit from this whole incredible journey into the depths of your self-awareness adventure.

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Malakoff, Ph.D, is a psychologist with 25 years teaching and clinical experience. She has specialized in the art and science of transformation to help people activate their unique inborn abilities and to fully realize their human potential. Cheryl has taught advanced classes involving the Transformation Lessons, and is currently the Director of Wellness Through Awareness and in private practice. She is also a co-founder of KnoU Profiles, which specializes in online reports to help empower individuals through greater self-awareness.

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