You might be wondering if you should invest in a conservatory. Is it worth constructing an extension to your house that would take up some of your garden space? Will you be able to use it all year round or it will just be a walkway to the garden during the cold months?

So, what are the benefits for yourself and your family if you were to add a conservatory to your home? And is it worth spending time and effort to build your own DIY conservatory?

There are various benefits to building your own conservatory. The main advantage is definitely the substantial cost savings involved. You can create a bright, flexible and practical space in a very effective way. Adding a DIY conservatory will undoubtedly add value to your home as it gives an additional space and often does not require planning permission, which an extension would normally need.

Now, where do you start?

First of all, choose a design that complements the style of your home and enhances its appearance. You can find a full range of DIY conservatories designs, from modern lean to style to the more impressive Edwardian or Victorian designs. You can also enjoy an impressive degree of design freedom, from classic to contemporary, so you can create the conservatory that perfectly suits your needs and tastes.

DIY Conservatories are supplied with all fixtures and fittings along with installation instructions that cover everything from fixing the walls to installing the roof and glazing the conservatory. The guidelines provided by the DIY suppliers are designed for the novice DIY builder, so they are quite easy to understand and follow.

Most self build conservatories are relatively easy to construct if you have a reasonable level of DIY experience. If you are not too confident in your skills, you can always get help from people who are more competent, while still saving considerable amounts on fitting fees. Many people employ a builder to construct the base of your self build conservatory and the dwarf walls, so you can carry on with the rest. If you do get stuck, a good DIY supplier should be happy to answer any queries you may have.

A north-facing conservatory needs good heating while a south-facing one needs ventilation and shade. By investing in a high performance glass which minimises heat loss and in a heating system which has low running costs, you can ensure that your DIY conservatory is a comfortable space to use during the cold days. Moreover, for the hottest summer days, windows on either sides and roof vents will allow a breeze to flow through the space.

You may like to consider building your DIY Conservatory with your family members. If you do that, remember that the most important thing is good communication. Get everyone in on the act, from meticulous planning, making and maintaining the budget, to sharing responsibilities and following everything up. Make everyone feel involved, including your children, use their strengths and skills, and you will be surprised at how much they can enjoy and contribute. You will see that building the DIY conservatory with your family is a wonderful chance to learn new skills together and to enjoy the satisfaction when you have added a significant value to your house in an attractive and special way.

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