Self care helps me to be loving in many ways. For example, giving myself nurturing self care helps me improve my health, become stronger, and more resilient. As a result? My own personal self care helps me be loving to others.

In a busy world, it’s useful to schedule in the kinds of things that help us to be our best selves. I’ve found that there are many ways to do that. For me to feel well cared for, I’ve got to move forward in some small way on making a difference in the world. That’s a part of the pursuit of excellence, isn’t it?

I’ve also learned that having simple pleasures sprinkled throughout each month is critical. For me, that includes plenty of room for prayer, meditation, eating well (including dark chocolate!), going for walks, taking naps, learning from good books or classes, and enjoying a fun movie at the movie theatre that gets me to laugh. Perhaps not all on one day. But I do try to find what does fit well into each day and make what fits happen.

Yes, I find that I need to take really good care of myself. One reason is so that I can be loving to others. The basis for that is being well cared for myself. That’s where nurturing myself and good self care makes a difference for the people I get to interact with.

How about you? Do you find that when you take really good care of yourself you’re more able to be yourself? Are you then more able to help others? I mean, they even tell us about that in airplanes every time we fly, right? Telling us that in case of emergency that the little masks are going to drop down and instructing us that we’re to place the mask on our own face and secure it. To do that first, then the next step is to assist others. Including any children.

I’m grateful for my awareness of a need for self care. I’m actively seeking to nurture myself. I am healing. I am growing. I need support! I need support from myself too. Another thing I’ve noticed about getting support from myself is that it seems to help me to let laughter happen more often. I’ve noticed that extra laughter is particularly helpful in this fast-moving world where so many things are happening to push laughter away.

Hey, what little thing can you do today to let laughter happen to support YOU today? Maybe you need to call a friend who tends to tell good jokes? Or maybe just take a moment to remember a few that got you laughing! Grab for the skill of nurturing yourself with laughter.

New skills help people grow. For example, I’ve been working on learning a new skill. Recently, I felt like I got it. Here’s how…

I took a big leap forward by allowing myself to focus tightly on this one critical skill I want and need for my business. I did it by letting other stuff be on the back burner so to speak, on hold pending the arrival of the me with that skill.

In fact, I poured myself whole heartedly into that new skill in a special way, day after day…

For five days.

What made a difference? Partly, I’ve worked on it before. But partly this: I started all over again each day. Fresh me, fresh perspective, starting from step zero as if I’d never done it before but drawing on my experience up to that moment. What a difference!

Is there a skill you want and need to gain?

What would happen if you put other stuff on hold for a week and put your best fresh self forward?

How might getting that skill into you change your tomorrows?

If it’s anything close to priceless? What would it be worth to rearrange your life to go for it? Pick something! Maybe it’s as simple as learning to laugh more. Maybe it’s a business skill like I focused on. Choose something today. Then figure out how to make it begin to happen over the next 5 days.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton provides valuable experience, insight, and inspiration as well as practical nuts and bolts strategy for encouraging yourself to keep moving forward in relationships, health, and business.

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