I will be the first to admit that self-care does not come natural for me! I am your “Type A, push through ‘til you drop, make it perfect or else” – kinda girl! Grasping the importance of self-care is something I’ve had to learn. I usually do a pretty good job with it, because I’ve learned (the hard way) that it’s a necessity if I’m going to be the mom, wife and overall person I want to be. But…. I still have my moments.

Like today for example! I knew I needed to work on this blog post but I just couldn’t sit still long enough to collect my thoughts in any kind of meaningful way. I was bouncing back and forth between emails, phone calls, laundry, and cleaning the kitchen. Nothing was getting done well and I wasn’t doing the most important thing on my to do list – the blog post!!!

I found myself getting really frustrated and starting to beat myself up. The word “procrastinator” ran through my mind several times. I felt edgy and grouchy and quite frankly was glad no one else was home with me because I would have been lousy company.

Then I realized I needed to take a break and take care of myself. It was noon and I’d had about 3 sips of water the entire day, my stomach was growling and my body was stiff from sitting for so long. I fixed some lunch, read a book while eating and drank an entire bottle of water. But I was still feeling jittery (thank goodness I’d chosen to skip the coffee this morning!).

While my little slave driver voice was still screaming “procrastinator”, I knew I needed to make a real self-care choice to clear my head. I grabbed the leash (which of course brought the dog running in) and off we went for a nice walk on this beautiful day. While walking, I chose to just let my mind relax and forget about everything on the “to do” list. Instead I purposely looked around and took in the sights. I watched as my dog enjoyed every smell she could. She wasn’t worrying about anything, and neither should I!

Guess what! As I went on the walk, I suddenly received a great idea for my blog posts for the entire month! I wasn’t trying to think of them – they just “popped” in! This month’s topic is self-care and what better way to open the month than share my experience today!

But let me also share where we’re going for the rest of the month so you can be sure to check back:

1. Caring for yourself naturally
2. The importance of accepting support when it’s offered
3. Imparting this wisdom to our children

So, not only did I get a nice break, I feel calmer and my writing dilemma is solved. I didn’t need to just “push through” and get the work done – I just needed to make my needs a priority for a short while and trust that God would provide me with exactly what I needed. Guess what? He most certainly did!

Here’s your challenge for this week: Pay close attention to those times when you feel like you’re trying to push a boulder up a mountain. It might have something to do with your kids. It might be something at work. It could be anywhere! Once you realize you’re in that pattern, take a deep breath and step away. I don’t mean give up! I just mean intentionally take a break to rest and leave it alone for a while. Try a self-care ritual for just a little while (like my walk) and just see what happens.

Be sure to share below how that worked for you! Until next time – bye!

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