Learn from Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of IOME, Becky Lauridsen, as she walks you through a presentation on the importance of Guilt Free Self Care. You will learn the difference between self care and self indulgence and walk away with an action plan to ensure you are on a journey to being your best self.

Speaker Bio
Becky Lauridsen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and crazy passionate about increasing self care and decreasing the mental health stigma. She is the Founder and Lead Supporter of IOME. It's an I Owe Me instead of an I Owe You offering Guilt Free Self Care by partnering with local businesses to offer discounted self care services and products.

Becky is the proud wife to her cowboy husband, Tyler, and mother to two beautiful girls, Bryer and Brystol. She believes that similar to our physical health, we can take a preventative approach to our mental health too.

Remember, "You deserve the best because your loved ones deserve the best of you, not what's left of you." - Becky."

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The Pinery at the Hill
775 Bijou St.
Colorado Springs CO 80905
United States

Contact Number: 719-661-7483

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