How do you improve your self-confidence? In NLP, there us a very simple answer. NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It works by seeing what it is that successful people do and say, and then mimicking that. In other words, if you say what a successfully confident person says, others will see you as confident. And when others see you as confident, people will treat you with respect as that confident person. And that will give you more self-confidence.

And I always turbo-charge my NLP with EFT. EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a mixture of specific easy acupressure that you apply yourself (by stimulating the acupressure points) whilst thinking of the resistance to taking self-confident action, in this case. This removes the resistance. And then you can move forward with ease.

So, today we remove one block to confidence. You know how when you are in certain company and you twist your mind in knots worrying about what they think of you, what they perceive if you, and how they judge you? Well, a confident person does not think like that. A confident person takes an interest in what people have to say about themselves, without even considering how to respond, what to say, appearances, and so on. The confident person smiles at others and generally feels relaxed in their presence. When the other person speaks, the confident person may tilt their head slightly to one side, to signify an interest in listening.

So, let us do EFT first. Ask yourself on a scale of 10-0, where 10 is "no way I am doing that" and 0 is "yes, I am happy to put it in action", what number do you feel about the above paragraph? If anything above a zero, tap on all the points you usually use, whilst you read this paragraph above 5 times. Keep tapping until you finish reading it 5 times.

If any uncomfortable emotions come up, simply tap as follows.

Setup: "Even though I have this uncomfortable feeling, I allow myself to safely rest now. And that's OK".

Reminder: "I want to release this uncomfortable feeling."

Keep tapping the above Setup and Reminder till you feel calm.

The next day, attempt the simple exercise again from the beginning. And the day after. And for two weeks. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised how much easier it gets. Finally, you will feel as if you are observing yourself speaking and acting like a confident person. And then you will feel more self-confident and self-assured. Try it and see how you feel.

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