Entertainers and entrepreneurs live very different lives yet have a number of common qualities. I have observed over 100 entrepreneurs in the last 3 years – startup founders, millionaires and billionaires – and have come to realize that they all have one important success quality.

Every time a singer, comedian or actor hits the stage, we see a certain level of this quality expressed by the performer. The ones who have it in the right proportions dominate, the ones who have too little of it struggle and often fail.

This quality is self-confidence, and we will borrow inspiration from Marc Illy – a Los Angeles based singer and entrepreneur, who journeys to the top of his industry.


Marc Moved Around a Lot But Was Never Moved

Too many people have failed at achieving their goals by not responding appropriately to changes in their career and life. For instance, a plethora of companies faded into oblivion with the coming of the internet as they were unable to respond well to the changes it was bringing to their business.

In the case of Marc Illy, it wasn’t the internet that threatened him, it was a childhood punctuated by moving around a lot; from one city to another. Since his birth, Marc has lived in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Diego, Chicago, Boca Raton, Orange County, Taiwan, Thailand, Israel and even Cape Town in South Africa. These experiences would inspire him to start one of the first online businesses in Social Media Marketing in 2012. He later went on to explore all of Asia and was inspired to start a travel blog which is an amazing revelation in its right.

Since Marc has an almost inexorable interest in a lot of fields, it was only a matter of time before he started to experiment with all of them; from his love for the piano to social media marketing and influencing to blogging, to song writing and other entrepreneurial ventures.

Each city came with challenges but Marc simply adapted; leveraged available resources, making sure that though life moved him from city to city his dream of being successful remained unmoved. In Hollywood, CA, he enjoyed decent success as a recording engineer, Artist and producer.

In the music industry, he constantly met with legendary performers whose successes would have intimidated any upcoming artist but Marc. He wouldn’t waver or wither. Confident in himself, it came as no surprise that he was able to land gigs as a pianist, solo artist, producer or engineer for the many of the big names in the industry such as Ghost Kasen. Riding on preceding success, Marc would go on to tour with the likes of Method Man and Redman in 2008 while also working on his other businesses.

What We Take From Marc’s Career

Marc’s most recent song titled Halo, represents the bulk of what he’d want any upcoming entertainer or businessperson to know. To him, every person has a halo – a crown of glory which many other people would naturally want to steal. He also believes that each person must believe in this halo, work to make it shine brighter, enjoy and protect it.

This message, alongside all the previous ones in his songs and videos obviously resonate well with his audience, and the stats prove it all. Marc Illy has over 110,000 loyal followers on Instagram alone. Beyond the United States, an impressive lot of musical talents from Asiafollow him. These people want to learn from someone new, real, inspiring, and they see these in Marc. He spent time touring in Taiwan in 2017.

Always brimming with confidence, it is going to be a pleasure watching the Producer/singer-entrepreneur over the next couple of months before the year runs out. Where will his music, business and penchant for travelling take him to? One answer. We will watch.

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it was a childhood punctuated by moving around a lot; from one city to another