What is self control?
Self control is the ability to control one's feelings, emotions, impulses, and reactions. Effects of self control are seen everywhere, you can see it in the wealth of the people, winners medals, good habits, strong relationships, a beautiful music, magnificent buildings, and the personal mastery in any fields. Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” We could paraphrase that by saying nothing great was ever accomplished without self control.
A recent study was conducted by Avshalom and colleagues at Duke University demonstrates the role of self control in people’s futures. In this study, the researchers have followed a cohort of 1,000 children for thirty two years; they showed that individuals with lower self-control experienced destructive outcomes in physical health, substance dependence, personal finances, and even crime. These results shows that self-control is a key factor that shapes the future of people. Also self control has main role in addictive behavior recovery, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and bipolar disorder. The good news is that you can learn self control skill as other arts.
How to Improve Your Self-Control
1. See the big picture
Why do you want to be master in self-control?
Where are you going with self-control?
Focus on where you want to go. Rumi said:” don’t look at your beautiful and ugly face, look at your love and goal. So, it’s not important where you are, but it’s important where you are going. When you focus on long term goal, the tolerate pain become easier, because paying attention to your goal increases your motivation.

2. Select self control as priority value
Values are our internal criteria for what is good, favorable, beautiful, necessary, important, etc.
When you put the tolerate pain as outstanding value in your mind, then the tolerating pain along with a reward for your brain. Therefore, to sacrifice short-term pleasures not only became easy, but also being enjoyable.
3. Be patient with yourself.
Rome was not built in a day. Self control art takes a while to develop. The achievement of mastery in self control as other arts requires weeks and months of hard work on yourself.
Make self control skill as part of your daily routine. You can start from the easy issues. Each event in daily life activities can be a practice for self control. Rumi said:” every moment two voices come; hearing every sound is dependent on your readiness!
The first voice says: I'm present, another voice says: look at the end of me!
Everyone sees closer who is more rejected; everyone sees farther who is more prosperous

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