As with any self defense instructor would tell you, if you can run away from a violent encounter then do so. But it may come to a point you will need to apply the lessons and self defense moves that I will share with you. However, you first need to prepare yourself.
First of all, you have to be vigilant. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are out walking alone on the streets. It is crucial to be aware of your surroundings, and you must have do three things: Listen, your cellular phones and MP3 players limit this ability and may even catch you off guard. Next is to Watch, you have to have your eyes up. Look at faces and watch out for suspicious - looking people. Lastly is to Feel, everybody has this ability that their subconscious is telling them something, in other words that "gut feeling" that something is wrong.
But before everything else, self awareness is the key. You have to know yourself, get a feel of what it is that you are doing and what everyone else is doing. This might seem a lot to take in but after a while practicing this technique, it will all seem second nature.
So, if everyone has gotten everything down then the formal lesson can begin.
If you find yourself in need to use self defense techniques then there are many parts of our bodies that may be used for self defense. For example the elbow, strikes with this anatomical part of our body is like using a dagger for a weapon.
Another part of the body that can be exploited as a weapon would be your foot. The best use of the foot would be kicking. Aiming for the knee, either the front or side, if the attacker is advancing would be a great move. Aiming on the groin is best if the attacker is male. A word of advice though, keep your kicks low. The danger of high kicks would be that it would take a long time for your foot to travel to the attackers face, ribs, or chest. And if the attacker manages to get a hold of your foot, then you can just forget it. So, for you guys out there who are more flexible than the rest of us, please hold the urge to kick the attackers face.
Your hands can also do a lot of damage. Either rolled into a fist or palms open, depending on your target, can have devastating results. Punching to either the diaphragm, false ribs, neck, or temple can be vicious. A palm strike to the jaw can also immobilize the attacker. Gouging the eyes, if worse comes to worst, can also be very effective.

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